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Oil and Gas Castings

  • Investment castings used in the oil and gas industry require the highest quality, durability and corrosion resistance. Jccasting produces stainless steel castings for applications such as ramps, heavy-duty locks, flame and flow control, and even material removal fingers. We can cast higher interior geometries using our wax mold process. We also verify our castings using X-rays and any customer requested requirements.

    Jccasting specializes in stainless steel castings, especially grades 17-4 and 316. These materials have the highest corrosion resistance. However, if hardening is required for oil and gas applications, we recommend 17-4 stainless steel.

    Oil Gas Castings Components
    Jccasting produces a variety of parts for the industry, including:

    Process Control Instrumentation
    Field Mechanical Components
    valve body
    Control body and cover
    Burner management
    wearing insects
    feeding fingers
    drill tile