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Level 8 in backrooms game

  • Level 8 in backrooms game is a large cave system with a bad reputation because it is full of spider-like creatures. There are only a few random light sources on the ceilings of these caves, but they all go out after a few minutes, making it very hard and dangerous to explore this level.

    In addition to being hard to see, loud sounds are known to echo through the level and bring large groups of spiders to the source. Most of this level is small and full of sharp stalagmites and stalactites that make it impossible to move forward in a straight line. However, some larger cave systems have been discovered deep within the level that could be used as outposts in the future. Other places of interest have been written about, but most travelers don't know about most of them.


    Colonial settlements and military outposts

    People from all over the world who eat

    Since 8 is Khorne's sacred number, the World Eaters set up their base at Level 8. They have complete control over the caverns and will shoot on sight. Even the creatures that live in the caves are afraid of them, so you should stay away from them at all costs.

    Colonialists in the Backroom

    The outpost has about 37 guards and is mostly for transport. It is the last of The Main Nine levels that the group has settled, and they will help wanderers leave the level.


    Spiders of many kinds live on Level 8. Explorers can find everything from small brown spiders that are poisonous to king spiders. Some of them depend on their nest and their venom to stay alive, but other species don't have venom and are usually just part of their nest. Even so, it is best to stay away from all forms of life on the level.

    There are many spider nests, and most of them are occupied by small poisonous spiders and big king and queen spiders. The king spiders in these colonies are luckily not poisonous, but the queen spiders are very poisonous. Most people who get bitten by a queen spider die within minutes, though this is just a guess since humans can't get to this level right now.

    Caveling Spiders

    Pools of people's blood

    In the cave's dead ends, there are large, clear pools that are very dangerous because anything that falls into them is torn apart and pulled down by tar-black hands that look like human hands. On Level 8, there is another kind of nest that is home to Frankenspiders, which are dangerous mutant spiders that can heal themselves using a gland in their chest cavity. In some parts of the cave, it looks like almond water is dripping from the ceiling stalactites.

    Entryways and Exits


    In Level 6, look for a hole, and in Level 7, look at the bottom of the water. The most common way to get to this level is through Level 7, but there are many entrances on other levels of the Backrooms.


    If you trip or fall, you will be sent to Level 9, but there is a very small chance that you will be sent to Level 153 instead. All the reported cases of people getting out of Level 8 this way were accidents, so it's not clear if falling on purpose will work or not.

    If you found a black doll, you could play with it for a while to be taken to Level 7453.