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Types of Special Rivets


    Introduction of special rivets
    Special rivets
    Peel Split: Peel split rivets are designed to improve support for brittle or soft materials. The mandrel for strip rivets is designed to split the end of the rivet body into four separate legs to create a large blind side bearing surface. The outriggers grip the material tightly and spread the load over a wide area. This significantly reduces the risk of the rivet breaking through brittle materials or trapping in soft materials. Strip rivets are best for joining plastic, rubber, wood and laminate.
    T-Rivets: T-rivets are a type of strip rivet. They are suitable for structural and high stress applications. T-Rivets have a hardened steel mandrel that divides the rivet body into a three-pronged (three-pronged) shape. The trident shape provides high grip strength.
    Leg Retention: As the name suggests, leg retention rivets hold multiple "legs" when installed, providing high clamping strength.
    Self-piercing: Self-piercing rivets use a high-speed mechanical fastening process to point-to-point connect plates such as steel and aluminum. It uses a single-step technique to hold the sheet in a mechanical joint. As the name suggests, no pre-drilling is required, allowing joints to be made quickly in a single operation. This type of rivet is used to attach Ford's aluminum pickup truck bed.



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