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The color palette offers more variety

  • The demo on display at Namco's event featured three distinctly different areas to explore: an indoor factory, a slimy enemy haven, and a mountainside replete with windmills WOTLK Gold. The factory offers a good mix of old and new as you fight enemies with your new abilities and make use of old standbys such as the pellet pads, which let you soar off into the sky chomping on a trail of pellets.

    The level also showed off a new strain of ghost that's bigger and more menacing than the garden-variety specters you'll come to control. The slimy enemy base featured environmental hazards that you need to be mindful of in your adventure, as well as some of the multipart puzzles you'll have to solve. Puzzle-solving also figures into the windmill area, as the challenges there will require some exploration to find the keys and gears that will let you progress.

    The presentation in the game is well done and has some fun with the standard conventions we've seen in WOTLK Classic's 3D adventures. The color palette offers more variety than we've seen previously, ranging from the bouncy primary colors you'd expect, to darker shades that set the tone for the Spectral Realm's moody locales. The environments follow suit and offer a good mix of places to explore. The indoor factory doesn't initially appear to be too big, until you look up and realize it's several floors high.

    The slime-filled enemy base is filled with debris and obviously a whole lot of slime that serves as a hazard. The windmill section features large open areas that are high above the ground buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. As far as characters goes, we only saw WOTLK Classic and Pinky, who look good as always. The designs for the new ghosts and the other original foes you'll encounter are surprisingly menacing. Finally, the effects for the different power-ups are a nice bit of eye candy thrown into the mix. From a performance standpoint, we're pleased to see the game run so smoothly even in such an early state.