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An investigator into the investigation is of the opinion

  • Smith "was shocked by the courage of the victims willing to stand up to speak up and was unhappy with Watson as well as his team's sloppy treatment and victimization of plaintiffs."Mut 23 Coins legal team defends him, saying the suit is frivolous and they are lying about the claims.

    On June 7 the New York Times publishes the broadest, most comprehensive investigation into the claims concerning Deshaun's Watson. This story is entitled "How the Texans and a hotel facilitated Deshaun Watson's disturbing behavior" it explains the role Watson's prior team was involved in locating the quarterback's massage therapists, aswell as accusations the team was aware of the allegations against the QB while they were going on.

    In addition, the story claims Watson utilized non-disclosure agreements on a regular basis -- and that the Texans provided Watson with NDAs. Additionally, it outlined how Watson's attorney, Rusty Hardin, had deep connections to the Harris County legal system and his influence within the region could have been used to influence the grand jury process. This report also revealed two new allegations about Watson. Following reports from the NYT article, Watson made his Twitter account private, and refuses to make any further statements.

    An investigator into the investigation is of the opinion that Watson was guilty regardless of the decision of a grand jury. The evidence from Houston detective Cheap Madden 23 Coins, who was a victim of the case. Yahoo Sports. In her testimony, she states that according to her view in the light of previous investigations she's been involved in, Watson did commit multiple crimes. In her testimony , she described the difference between consent and coercion with regard to the massage therapists in Watson's case. Watson case. She stated that the size of the difference between the quarterback and the women made them scared, she believed of refusing to accept the advances he made towards them.