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A new World of Warcraft expansion will be revealed

  • If WoTLK Gold gamers were hoping to get some idea of where the new expansion (set to release the 19th of April) will be, this movie disappointing film doesn't deliver. However, it also offers an abrupt end to an extremely unpopular character and the expansion overall.

    Zovaal has been long presented as the ultimate villain and has been portrayed as the ultimate villain, with Blizzard having created the character to the ultimate creator of a vast amount of World of Warcraft lore, that range in time from Arthas turning into the Lich King, to his creation of the world-destroying Burning Legion. Many players have wondered about what the real motivations behind the character were in the course of. In the end, having Zovaal's big-bad 4D-chess strategy be to set the stage for a previously unheard-of villain lurking in the shadows (a character that Jailer was a part of for several expansions) seems like an insult to what could have been an intriguing villain.

    In reality, the Jailer appears to be nothing more than the beginning of an even bigger, more powerful adversary that is why the fact that he's inextricably linked to key World of Warcraft -universe defining moments all the more disappointing for the fans.

    The cinematic that tells the story of Zovaal is only one of two films that are played at the time of the final battle of the First Ones raid as well as the other that focuses on Alliance Zovaal's king and his the henchmen Anduin Wrynn. The cinematic left viewers wanting more , particularly in relation to how it deals with the iconic World of Warcraft villain Arthas.

    A new World of Warcraft expansion will be revealed on April 19 and the first official announcement for Blizzard's buy WoTLK Classic Gold mobile game to be released in May.