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They may later be taught a different position

  • The skills of the monk's beginnings are mostly to combat. At a very early age monks learn the posture of the tiger that is WoTLK Gold, an orthodox posture that increases the damage they suffer by 20 percent however, they may later be taught a different position, the drunken the ox. Although they don't utilize mana for casting spells, like warlocks and mages however, they do possess "chi" points that are used to master specific skills and attacks, however, they recover quickly after a while. The basic attack of the monk is the jab. It is currently priced at forty chi points (our monk has an max of 100) and can build up to one darkness force, one point of light force.

    Monks make use of force points to combat as their "resource" (similar in the same way as co-points for Rogues) and are able to store the maximum amount of 4 light force points as well as the dark force point. They are also able to learn the Tiger palm attack, which is a melee attack that costs just one force point, and provides bonuses to enemies with greater than 50 percent health as well as the blackout kick a roundhouse attack that deals decent damage, and is priced at dark force points; and the flying serpent kick, an attack for melee that allows monks attack from a distance (not as the warrior's charging attack) and then briefly stuns its victim. Monks also have the roll ability that costs 50 chi points and causes zero damage, but causes them to slide into the ground, a more efficient option than walking.

    The cheap WoTLK Gold have innate power racial that relate to food preparation and cooking (they get a 100 percent bonus when they eat food and also have a bonus of 15 to their cooking ability) and an ability to avoid falling that reduces the damage they take from falling by half. Additionally, they get double the bonus on experience for resting. They are also blessed with the "quaking palm" ability that allows them to stun a target for up to four minutes or till the object is injured. The ability of quaking palm sounds powerful and may prove beneficial in certain circumstances but, from our experiences so far, it's not an extremely unfair skill in any way. Monks, for the moment appear to be a great alternative to warriors, with unique combat resource systems. We'll keep you updated regarding the expansion when they are released.