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4 Tips To Get The Perfectly Styled Hair With Minimal Effort

  • For a good hair day, we're not just talking about a simple wash and go. Our hair requires care and attention so that it looks perfect all day long. If your roots grow out, if your waves are voluminous, or if you just want short hair to keep everything off of your neck -- these tips for getting the perfectly styled hair will prevent you from going to the salon every week.

    We've put together a list of five proven tools that can make getting dressed with a classy style easier than ever.

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    • The Perfect Pony


    Queens know that a well-styled ponytail is the most versatile part of a polished and put-together look. Even if you're rocking a shortcut, you don't want to go out with a normal ponytail. That's where the Twist and Tuck come along. Double your ponytail -- but keep the ends out! -- then twist your hair around itself, tuck in the ends, and secure them with an elastic band. Viola! Instant class without having to do anything too complicated or fussy (that would take another five minutes).


    • The Invisible Hair Tie


    If you're going for a low-key look, it's all about your accessories (and maybe a bit of lip gloss). It's the same with your hair -- and the best way to accomplish this is by using the Invisible Hair Tie. These elastic bands hold your hair tight without making a bulky presence in your 'do. Just put it on like a headband and go!


    • The Nearly Effortless French Twist


    This is not just any old French twist (although it will take you five minutes tops). The idea behind this style is that your hair stays out of the way while still looking beautiful -- no matter what crazy outfit you decide to rock. If your hair is super short, or if you just don't have the time to go out of your way to create some intricate updo, then simply pull all of your hair back into a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Then tuck the band around itself and pull slightly on the twist to loosen up voila!


    • The Easier Ponytail Alternative


    Even if you decide against a power ponytail, that doesn't mean you don't want an easy way to style your hair. Maybe you're in a rush on your way out the door, or maybe you're just looking for something quick and simple. In both cases, we suggest using the Mini Iron.


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