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Best seafood restaurant in Kaikoura you should visit in 2022

  • If you're a seafood lover, you'll want to add Kaikoura to your bucket list in 2022. Why? This small town located on New Zealand's South Island is known for its fresh seafood, caught right from its local waters, and prepared fresh at restaurants to serve. So what's the best seafood restaurant in Kaikoura? That's a tricky question to answer, but we'll help you out. Keep reading to find out our top picks!

    1) Karaka Lobster:
    Karak Lobster is the single reason you fly from New Zealand to Kaikoura! Located in the North of Kaikoura, Karaka Lobster is a beautiful seafood cafe that serves a wide variety of crayfish and lobster. Situated right around Okiwi Bay with a breathtaking view and an amiable and cozy atmosphere, this place is a must-visit.

    Crayfish is the main focus of this one of the best restaurants in Kaikoura; however, it also serves other seafood such as fresh oysters, beverages, and appetizers – something different to try out! On top of that, you can find some great salads, desserts and refreshments. So if you are up for trying all the seafood, Kaikoura has to offer, this is your best bet.

    2) Kaikoura seafood BBQ:
    By the name itself, we get the idea it serves BBQ seafood! Since barbeques are lip-smacking, you may expect the same exquisite flavours from this Seafood BBQ restaurant's meals.

    It offers a blend of seafood and meat dishes, so if you can't decide on either, you might want to try it out! They also have some great wines you can order with your meal, which compliments the flavours.

    3)Pier Hotel:
    It is one of the best fish and chips restaurants on Avoca Street. They offer fresh seafood caught in the day by local fishermen, mostly crayfish and abalone—two of New Zealand's delicacies. The seatings are arranged both inside and outside, making it perfect for small gatherings and parties. The only drawback here is that you need to opt for reservations before walking in.

    4) Nin's Bin:
    Another great seafood restaurant in Kaikoura, New Zealand, that you should visit is Nin's Bin. It offers fresh crayfish caught daily by local fishermen, with a delicious flavour and texture. The place itself looks casual but features beautiful decor to complement its surroundings. It also serves dishes like pasta and salads for those not in the mood for seafood.

    5) The Green Dolphin Restaurant bar:
    This place is located on Avoca Street with a fantastic view. The food it serves varies from meat to seafood and everything in between. Their menu consists of a wide range of choices, which means everyone will find something for themselves. The only drawback with this place is, it doesn't offer takeout services and requires strict reservations for dining purposes.

    What more does Kaikoura offer?

    Kaikoura is an excellent place for those who love to go on tours and explore. You can take scenic routes like the seaside drive and the spectacular restaurants by local waters.

    There's also several activities and adventure sports

    You can do sailing, fishing, surfing, kayaking with dolphins, biking, etc.

    Whether you opt to stay in this town or drive out to the surrounding area is up to you! But whatever your choice maybe, you're sure to enjoy yourself.

    Places to visit in New Zealand and Kaikoura

    1) 96 Esplanade, New Zealand:

    If you love dolphins, then this is the perfect place for you. This attraction offers a breathtaking experience to swim with dolphins and enjoy the wilderness from a closer view. You may also dine in the nearest restaurants here and rejoice in the fantastic experience while you eat.

    2) Whaleway Road:
    The Whaleway Road offers a year-round experience on whale, seals, and dolphin watching. It provides various activities and tours, including wildlife watching, history and heritage.

    3) New Zealand's first commercial Bungy jump:
    Another thing you should visit is the first commercial Bungy jumping location in New Zealand. It offers a free photo to capture your memory before jumping off! It is located at the north end of New Zealand in the South Island, on State Highway 1.

    4) Kaikoura township:
    This is where you can see some of the exciting history and heritage sites related to various cultures, including Maori history. You can also visit restaurants, museums and art galleries, attend a market or even have a spa day before heading back!

    5) Helicopter Tours:
    Tourism in Kaikoura is the best way to explore New Zealand's beauty from above. The tour will take you through the Ranges, with its tall peaks reaching 1,425 meters or 4,660 feet. Taking a helicopter tour will allow you to enjoy coastal views, pristine forests and snow-capped mountains.

    We hope you have got all the information regarding Kaikoura and its best places to visit. So, now, if you are looking forward to seeing New Zealand and Kaikoura, let us know what part of the trip you would like to hear from us- Hotel stay, restaurants, Expenses, Shopping, Cultures, and more. Feel free to write down your ideas to us in the comment section below.