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Precautions for transporting the wounded with a folding stretch

  • With the development of technology, emergency folding stretchers have also been continuously improved, becoming more advanced and more humane. The emergence of medical multifunctional folding stretchers enables medical personnel to move patients more safely and conveniently. When using the multifunctional folding stretcher to carry the wounded, there are some safety precautions that need to be paid attention to.

    1. Do not carry when the multifunctional folding stretcher is not prepared properly.

    When handling overweight and unconscious wounded, take everything into consideration before operation to prevent accidents such as falling during transportation.

    2. In a special site, it should be transported according to a special method.

    At the scene of a fire, when transporting the wounded in dense smoke, the transporter should bend over or crawl forward; at the scene of toxic gas leakage, the transporter should first cover his/her mouth and nose with a *** towel or use a gas mask to avoid being swallowed by the gas.

    Before transporting the wounded with a multifunctional folding stretcher, check the wounded’s vital signs and injured parts, focusing on checking whether the wounded’s ****, spine, and chest are injured, especially whether the cervical spine has been injured.

    3. The wounded must be handled properly.

    When transporting the wounded with a multifunctional folding stretcher, the first thing to do is to keep the respiratory tract of the wounded unblocked, and then the injured part of the wounded should be stanched, bandaged, and fixed in accordance with the technical operating specifications. Only after proper handling can the wounded be moved.

    multifunctional folding stretcher

    4. Observe the condition of the wounded at any time during the transportation.

    When transporting the wounded with a multifunctional folding stretcher, focus on observing the wounded’s breathing, consciousness, etc., pay attention to keep warm, but do not cover the **** and face too tightly, so as not to affect the breathing. Once an emergency occurs on the way, such as suffocation, breathing stop, and convulsions, stop the transportation and carry out first aid treatment immediately.

    5. Transport the wounded with spine and spinal cord injuries.

    If it is at the scene of a fire, after placing the injured on the multifunctional folding stretcher, his/her body must be firmly fixed on the multifunctional folding stretcher with a triangle bandage or other cloth straps. Especially for those with cervical spine injury, sandbags, pillows, clothing, etc. must be placed on both sides of the **** and neck to limit the movement of the cervical spine in all directions, and then use a triangle scarf to fix the forehead together with the stretcher. At the same time, be sure to cover your mouth and nose with a *** towel or use a gas mask to avoid being overwhelmed by the poisonous gas.

    The multifunctional folding stretchers as a common medical device has been widely used in hospitals. When using a medical multifunctional folding stretcher, you must strictly abide by the operating regulations. If you have more questions about emergency folding stretchers, please contact YEARSTAR!

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