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Focus On The Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

  •   In recent years, elevators without machine rooms are more and more widely used in various places. The sudden suspension of machine roomless passenger elevator in operation occurs from time to time in various places. However, the emergency rescue of trapped people after a sudden shutdown of machine-room-less elevators has certain particularities and complexity due to its structural characteristics. How to successfully rescue the passengers trapped in the car through proper emergency operations and ensure the safety of the trapped passengers to the utmost extent?

      The machine room-less elevator is first of all relative to the machine room elevator. In elevators with machine rooms, geared traction machines are commonly used. The geared traction machine has a reduction box. Generally, the operating force required for cranking is not more than 400N, and the elevator control cabinet, speed limiter, and traction machine are all installed in the machine room. When the elevator fails, emergency rescue is implemented. Personnel generally use manual cranking in the machine room and directly observe the traction machine rope during the cranking operation to determine whether the car is leveled or not, so as to implement rescue.

      For machine room-less elevators, after the machine room is canceled, the traction machine, control cabinet, and speed limiter are generally installed in the hoistway, and an inspection cabinet is installed beside the hall door, or the control cabinet is directly installed beside the hall door. In this way, in front of the inspection cabinet or control cabinet next to the car top or bottom pit and the hall door in the inspection work position, it has a part of the machine room function. In addition, gearless traction machines are commonly used in machine-roomless elevators, and the operating force required for turning the car is generally greater than 400N. When the elevator fails, the uncertainty of the position of the car makes it inconvenient or impossible to implement manual cranking rescue on the traction machine in the car top and pit.

      In order to ensure that rescuers can still safely rescue trapped passengers from the car, emergency electric operation and other emergency rescue measures have shown their necessity and importance. Emergency electric operation is an important emergency operation method of machine room-less elevators. The emergency electric operation switch is generally set in the elevator control cabinet and inspection cabinet and consists of a set of switches. The first is the switch between normal operation and emergency electric operation. Generally, the buffer switch should be short-circuited when the switch is switched. The second is the intermediate switch that needs to be pressed or moved continuously and the switch for the elevator to run up and down. The switch should be clearly marked as up. And the downward mark is used to indicate the running direction to prevent misoperation.

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