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Changing With Each Passing Day, Elevator Replacement

  •  With the increasing development of building construction, people's requirements for all aspects of small machine room passenger elevators have also increased. 

    In order to meet the different requirements of different customers and different buildings for elevators, some elevator manufacturers have introduced new small machine room passenger elevators.

    Its mature technology, streamlined space, wide applicability, and intelligent management system enable small machine room passenger elevators to have high-quality features such as safety and comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection, and flexible space applications.

    1) High-efficiency drive system

    This elevator uses a gearless traction machine driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The main engine is optimized for a new generation of ultra-low harmonic motors to further reduce the vibration and noise of the main engine, making the ride more stable and comfortable; the brake adopts a structure-enhanced double drum brake design to provide stable and reliable safety while effectively reducing operating noise; Enhanced dust and waterproof protection design can ensure the system has a better stability.

    2) Precise control system

    The elevator uses the most advanced science and technology to make great improvements to the control cabinet: some parts are reasonably distributed and compact, and the volume of the control panel is greatly reduced; XXX frequency conversion control makes the elevator safer, more stable, and smoother.

    3) Save building space

    The compact design of the small traction machine and control cabinet makes the elevator machine room area only 1/2 of the traditional passenger elevator machine room, effectively saving machine room space, giving the building maximum design space, and reducing construction costs.

    4) Easy to repair and maintain

    Compared with machine-room-less elevators, the drive, and control system of machine-room elevators have an independent machine room, so it is more convenient for installation, commissioning, and future maintenance.

    5) Intelligent German door machine system

    Compared with the traditional asynchronous motor door machine, the operating efficiency and stability are greatly improved. Its unique vector closed-loop control and fault recording functions greatly reduce the incidence of door machine failures.

    6) Man-machine dialogue

    Small machine room elevators are equipped with large dot-matrix amber lights on the car operating panel and on-the-go displays, and moving arrows show the direction of the elevator.

    7) Display of running status

    In order to eliminate the indifference and misunderstanding between people and machines, the small machine room can display the elevator operating status in common and easy-to-understand Chinese, such as: under maintenance, dedicated, full load, etc.

    As a small machine room passenger elevator manufacturer, Suzhou Zhongling Tongda Elevator Co., Ltd. not only provides Bed elevatorsmedical elevators but also provides various types of elevator production and decoration services such as Villa Elevator. You are welcome to consult if you need it!