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Freight Elevator: a Deeper Solution is For Better Use

  •  For freight elevators or some small freight elevator, you may not have much contact with them in normal times. The ones you see are the Panorama elevator, the small machine room passenger elevator in shopping malls or residential areas, and the bed elevator and a medical elevator that can be seen in hospitals. , But as someone who has never used it, it’s not bad to know some knowledge about freight elevators. As a cargo tool, what should be paid attention to when the freight elevator is running?

    1. Pay attention to whether the freight elevator has normal maintenance and annual inspection by the Technical Supervision Bureau. If not, the elevator is illegal.
    2. Pay attention to any abnormal noise and vibration of the elevator during work, if any, stop operation and report for repair in time.
    3. The elevator door is the most dangerous area. When entering and exiting the door, pass quickly. Avoid standing with one foot in the elevator and one foot outside the elevator, and avoid leaning on the door.
    4. If you need to use the triangular key to open the elevator door, if you have not been trained how to use the triangular key, you cannot use it at will.
    5. Pay attention to the stable stacking of goods in the elevator, and don't let the goods fall and hit them.
    6. If the elevator is under maintenance, stop the elevator, because the elevator can be moved in the machine room or on the top of the elevator. Freight elevators are actually fixed lift freight elevators. According to different structures, they are divided into scissor lift freight elevators and rail lift freight elevators. These two types of lift freight elevators are different in use. Rail-type lift freight elevators are usually used for high lifting heights. , Where there is no pit, and the scissor lift freight elevator is usually used in places with a large load capacity and a large table size.

     After talking about the things that freight elevators should pay attention to when they are in use, how much do you know about the major functions of the freight elevator itself? If you don't know yet, you can take a look at the following briefly.

    1. Automatic floor service function: under the call signal, the elevator will automatically start, run, level, and serve on each floor;
    2. Cargo elevator with floor display function: each floor has a digital display of the position of the car;
    3. Operation status display function: each floor has a luminous arrow showing the direction of elevator operation;
    4. Wrong and broken phase sequence protection function: the control system is equipped with power supply wrong phase and broken phase sequence protection functions;
    5. Overcurrent protection function: The elevator is equipped with a motor overcurrent protection function;
    6. Endstation protection function: The upper and lower tops of the hoistway are equipped with double-layer protection to prevent the elevator from rushing to the top and sitting on the bottom, that is, the upper and lower limit protection and the upper and lower limit protection;
    7. Mechanical lock protection function of the landing door: each landing door is equipped with a mechanical door lock. When the elevator is not on this floor, the landing door cannot be opened;
    8. Electric interlocking protection function of landing doors: Each landing door is equipped with electric interlocking. When any landing door is opened, the elevator will stop running;
    9. Maintenance and operation function.