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What are the main contents of WoW Classic Mastery Season Update

  • The Mastery Season of WoW Classic will be launched on November 16th, giving players the opportunity to experience the classic from the beginning. Although the World of Warcraft Classic Mastery Season will not have the traditional "progress erasure", it will provide players who want to re-experience the game release the opportunity to do so.

    In order to maintain the freshness of the game, Blizzard Entertainment is adding a large number of changes to the classic version of WoW, these changes will change the way the game is played while focusing on improving the quality of life for players who want to experience the classic version of WoW at a faster speed. Here are some of the changes that Blizzard announced in the Developer Update earlier today.

    Leveling changes

    The biggest change in the mechanics of World of Warcraft's nostalgic service during the Mastery Season will be the previously revealed increase in experience gains players get when they upgrade to level 60. In a post on the official World of Warcraft forum earlier today, Blizzard revealed that the changes in the upgrade process will be made through the way players obtain equipment, in addition to many other changes. Upgraded equipment such as dungeons and prestige items obtained from some late-game instances will be provided earlier than the original versions of WoW and WoW classics.

    Changes made to certain boss loot tables and reputation providers at the end of the WoW original release cycle will also be added during the Mastery Season release.

    Initially, these changes were put into the game to help players catch up to the final stages of the game. But as the season of Mastery focuses more and more on getting players to the final stages faster, it only makes sense to implement these adjustments from the beginning. Blizzard said: "As players prepare for the later game content, this will provide more variety and value for the available items." "This also provides players with more goals to pursue and provides early for many professions and specializations. More interesting equipment options."

    In addition to the leveling process, the previously "limited time" advanced content will now be available at the beginning of the mastery season. Blizzard is making Doommaul dungeons, level 50 professional missions, and all three classic PvP battlefields offered at the beginning of the new season. MMOSO have Classic TBC Gold For Sale, you can buy it, it is safe.

    class balance
    Blizzard also said that the classic season of mastery will not make major changes to the professional balance. Blizzard said: "A big part of what makes WoW nostalgia special is the ability to relive and master the gameplay provided by past versions of World of Warcraft, and a large part of the World of Warcraft nostalgia project is bringing fun to players." Buying WOW TBC Classic Gold is a shortcut for players to break through difficulties.

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