TBC realms. TBC realms were among the most

  • Are I able to gain access to WoW Classic quests if I sign up to TBC? It's more of WOW TBC Gold like starting out in TBC Classic as a level 1 and carry out the same normal questing like you do in WoW Classic? You could also try Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, before you go to Outland after reaching level 60 to start TBC.

    The TBC Classic servers contain all the content from Classic and also the content from TBC expansion. On these, the endgame is the level 70 Outland stuff (although it is possible to do levels 60 if you desire.) The place that all the players from the past are playing currently.

    Blizzard will soon offer something known as "Wow Classic Season of Mastery" in a few weeks. The servers will be an opportunity to start over with classic (no TBC content, just 1-60) with some twists. These twists include "leveling is faster" or "raid bosses may be more difficult to beat." If all you're interested in is playing classic content , with nothing to do with the burning crusade things**, you should wait a couple weeks and make a character there

    Honestly depends on what you're looking for, but it's a good choice if you want that kind of early-leveling experience that makes everything feels new and fresh, then Season of Mastery is the best way to go. A majority of Vanilla servers are basically gone. The reason for this is that players want to preserve their character as the basis of a time capsule. TBC is okay , but joining an organized guild might be a bit harder after having advanced a good chunk of the way. I personally plan to dive into SoM when it's released.

    TBC realms. TBC realms were among the most popular in the past, with Classic becoming less lively. Uncertain if the upcoming Season of Mastery will change this, but it will definitely bring some life back to Classic.

    This was something I thought about that I'm still trying to think of what I should do. I miss Classic. I love Classic. But , in all the mess that has transpired with Blizz I feel like I'm enjoying playing and my 15 bucks go to people who don’t care about causing harassment to women or employees.

    This isn't a means for me to add my voice to the ongoing debate over "did Thrall cheat using magic?" The battle shouldn't've ended this way. It's the most important thing to remember that Thrall could never have cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold had the need to make use of his powers.