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Causes of dark circles under the eyes

  • Dark circles are also called eyelids, and some people call them panda eyes. The English translation is Periodital dark circles or dark circles. It refers to the dark skin of the eye sockets. It may be due to its own dullness or shadows. There are many reasons for dark circles, such as lack of sleep, and genetics is also one of the reasons for dark circles [1].

    Vascular dark circles
    Because the skin of the eye is slightly transparent, sometimes when the veins are in a relatively shallow layer or varicose veins, you can see obvious blue blood vessels under the skin. If the blood vessels are in a darker place, they look blue and black. Or the feeling of purple, purple and red.

    Common causes include physical fitness, nose allergies, fatigue from staying up late, medication (medication with vasodilator effect), and illness (anemia, liver disease, etc.). In the usual maintenance, it is helpful to use a warm towel or massage gently to promote blood circulation around the eyes.

    Pigmented dark circles
    Dark circles caused by melanin deposits around the eyes. Common causes include chronic inflammations such as physical fitness and allergies (such as skin care allergy, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.), pigmented spots such as liver spots, cheekbones, and use. Products that promote hyperpigmentation, such as eyelash growth fluid.

    Sunken dark circles
    Because the sunken area around the eye socket creates shadows caused by the projection of sunlight and light, it can be divided into the eye socket and under the eye socket. The orbit is usually a depression on the eyeball and the shadow caused by it is mostly; and the under the orbit is usually a tear groove.

    There are actually many reasons for dark circles. For example, lack of sleep, dehydration, alcoholism, and unbalanced diet are all factors that cause dark circles. It may also be caused by genetics or aging. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, with age, the breakdown of collagen around the eyes can cause fat to transfer to the lower eyelids, resulting in dark shadows and puffiness. This is the most common reason for the formation of dark circles, that is, the sunken fundus caused by the loss of deep fat. Another little-known cause of dark circles is rubbing your eyes. Allergies will increase redness and swelling. Rubbing your eyes will increase pigmentation due to irritation and cause your skin to darken. Therefore, try to avoid rubbing your eyes.