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Aluminum stage barrier power 9 sections of the road finally not


    Aluminum stage barrier power 9 sections of the road finally not blocked

    From February 20 onwards, Zhongshan City Public Security Traffic Police detachment began to install the center of the 9 sections of urban areas, aluminum stage barrier, as of February 22, 2.8 km "iron horse" has been installed, two days earlier than originally planned to complete. Zhongshan traffic police department, the current illegal left turn, U-turn and pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles crossing the road and other illegal behavior is effectively "intercepted", optimize the local area microcirculation.

    The root cause of random lane change is the first cause of congestion

    "Optimization of traffic management" is the first of ten practical matters of people's livelihood in Zhongshan this year. Earlier this month, Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Rugui, Vice Mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Secretary Zheng Zehui and other leaders have gone to the intersection of Sun Wen East Road Fu Wan South Road, Yin Tong Street Sports Road, East Court Road, Sun Wen East Road, East Yu Road from the Bay Road junction and other vulnerable sections of field research, followed by the organization held a forum to ask experts, and asked the relevant departments to make every effort to tackle congestion. Zhongshan Public Security Traffic Police Detachment promptly identified 20 congestion points in urban areas, sections and related causes, and the development of targeted remediation program.

    Traffic police department, in the 20 identified congestion points, section, Yin Tong Street Yongjing Park entrance to Sports Road, Yin Tong Street Zhongshan Road to Sports Road, Sun Wen East Road (East Wen Road to Taoyuan Road), Sun Wen East Road (from Bay Road to Shunjing new a residence), Sports Road (Qiguan West Road to Yihua Street), from Bay Road (East Yu Road intersection), East Court Road (Zhongshan Road to Shunjing four), An column Road (Taian Road to Minquan Road) The 9 road sections, such as South Yue Lai Road (Baishi Bridge to Guangzhu Highway), are mostly caused by motor vehicles changing lanes, parking, minor traffic accidents are not fast, pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles crossing the road, flower base dividers. Among them, the random lane change "congestion" is the primary factor causing slow traffic or congestion.

    In response to the above situation, Zhongshan City Traffic Police Detachment decided from February 20, in the above nine sections, intersections installed center isolation guardrail ("iron horse"), separating the two-way traffic to ensure that vehicles in all their lanes, to reduce the traffic accidents or traffic congestion caused by traffic violations such as driving in accordance with the provisions of the lane, the left lane against the traffic or intensify traffic congestion.

    Follow-up is still fine-tuning details such as traffic lights

    As of yesterday, nine sections of up to 2.8 kilometers of "iron horse" all retrofitted, 2 days earlier than expected, the relevant traffic signs, markings have also been set up basically completed. Yesterday, the South reporter followed the traffic police department to the above-mentioned section of the return visit, found in the retrofitting of "iron horse", the vehicle illegal left turn, U-turn and pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles crossing the road and other illegal behavior was effectively "intercepted", although some people say driving is not before Convenient, but most people still expressed understanding, and traffic order has improved.

    Zhongshan traffic police detachment of urban brigade, the relevant person in charge of the physical isolation of the normal left turn or random lane changes left turn, U-turn and pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles crossing the road and other illegal behavior, the relevant sections of the traffic are relatively smooth, especially from the Bay Road, Sun Wen East Road and other sections of capacity than before greatly improved. The traffic police department said that the relevant sections of the road is also in the traffic light settings and other details to fine-tune the main road to form a green belt, to further enhance the capacity.

    The traffic police department called on the general public, as soon as possible to adapt and adjust travel routes, turn around in advance, left-turn preparation, so as not to rush to change lanes when approaching the left turn, turnaround port, affecting the normal traffic order, causing accidents.

    Field return visit: Yin Tong Street

    Problem: Yongjing Park Road, Zhongshan Road to Sports Road congestion

    Countermeasures: set up movable pull gates, all isolated during peak periods

    Effect: convenient for customers in and out of the shopping district, and effectively curb the illegal left turn, U-turn and pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles crossing the road and other traffic violations

    Yin Tong Street is an important road in the main city, although the distance is not long, but the gathering of the Lee and shopping district, the government's second office, Yongjing Park District, Yongjing Park Kindergarten, Yongjing Park Primary School, Yang Xian Yi Primary School Sports Road School, etc., is a crowded place. Nandu reporter once followed the traffic police visit found that in the afternoon after work peak period, in the Yin Tong Street Yongjing Park section, in and out of the district's long lines of vehicles in both directions, and even overflow to the next intersection; Yin Tong Street Zhongshan Road to Sports Road section is the profit and shopping district, a peak period when the flow of traffic is also often congested, major holidays drive through this area may be half an hour can not get out.

    In this rectification measures, Yin Tong Street, these two sections are additional Aluminum stage barrier, equal to the entire road are central isolation. Previously there were many people believe that the silver street streets, complete isolation of all the vehicles to turn around, but also inconvenient, will cause long queues of vehicles turning around. In response to this reality, the traffic police department this time in the Yin Tong Street Yiheng Street, Huaxia Street, Lee and parking lot exit set up activity type pull gate, peak traffic hours, especially the afternoon off peak period off the gate to prohibit vehicles from turning left, the peak hours are open gates to let vehicles in and out of the intersection.

    City traffic police brigade, the person in charge of this not only convenient for the customers in and out of the Lee and shopping district, but also effectively curb illegal left turn, U-turn and pedestrians, non-motorized vehicles crossing the road and other traffic violations, effectively maintaining the traffic order during peak hours.

    In addition, the road on both sides of the vehicle parking phenomenon is obvious, especially the vehicles picking up and dropping off students randomly occupy the road also caused congestion. In this regard, the traffic police department said, will also set up two mobile electronic police in Yin Tong Street, the illegal parking vehicles to capture.

    South Yue Lai Road

    The problem: the surrounding property spring-like rise, more vehicle violations, congestion in the evening peak period

    Countermeasure: Install Aluminum stage barrier from Baishiqiao to Guangzhu Highway

    Effect: Although a small number of community residents detour, but let the road fast and smooth

    Yue Lai Road is also a busy road in the main city, in Yue Lai Middle Road Aeon supermarket to Boai Road section, has long been the central segregation. With the spring-like rise of properties around the South Yue Lai Road, this road also began to congestion during the evening peak period. Nandu reporter visited found that this section of the road set up "iron horse", mainly affects the surrounding is and Zhongzhou, in Australia and Riverside Bay and other residents on both sides of the community travel.

    Citizen Mr. Li lives in the Yue Lai South Road is and Zhongzhou district, the second half of last year, he found that the night home traffic chaos. "Baishi Bridge is also just a few dozen meters, the north and south ends have intersections, all leading to the district or gas station. Straight vehicles do not let, left-turning vehicles on the seam, small scrapes are common. Sometimes a left-turning car to let the straight car, the rear of the car and change lanes to add congestion, the results of the intersection more and more blocked, usually 1 minute of travel to spend nearly 10 minutes", said Mr. Li, because of the long queue of vehicles during the peak period, he often back to the district because he can not directly turn left, to the front of a few hundred meters at the flower base to turn around to go home.

    This time, the traffic police in Yue Lai South Road (Baishi Bridge to Guangzhu Highway) installed Aluminum barrier stage, Mr. Li every time he goes home to drive more than a hundred meters to the front of the turnaround. "If not in the rush hour turnaround, I would feel a detour; but in the rush hour so turnaround instead of going faster." Mr. Li said that if he drove 100 meters more to turn around, it took two minutes more, but the road is smooth during the peak period, and if everyone passing through can save 1 minute, it is a beneficial thing.

    An bar road

    The problem: two-way two lanes narrower road surface, the surrounding restaurants, bars, and increased traffic to and from the

    Countermeasures: Taian Road to Minquan Road section to install barrier

    Effect: Eliminate vehicles from turning around at will, thus alleviating traffic congestion

    Suggestions: increase the regulation of illegal parking, as far as possible without parking spaces

    An column road belongs to the old street of Shiqi, two-way two lanes narrower road surface. With the prosperity of Xingzhong Square, this road around the restaurants, bars increased, the traffic also increased. "Here a lot of random turnaround vehicles," said Mr. Wang, and because there is only one lane in both directions, encounter a vehicle parking, or a vehicle to overtake, change lanes to add traffic, the other direction to stop, this road has been relatively low speed.

    After the installation of Aluminum stage barrier, Mr. Wang believes that it can stop vehicles from turning around at will, thus alleviating traffic congestion. However, Mr. Wang believes that this road is narrow, should try not to set up parking spaces, illegal parking vehicles hope that the traffic police to increase regulation, or affect the speed of passage.