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Understand the function of fan coil


    Fan coil unit is abbreviated as fan coil. It is one of the end devices of the air conditioning system composed of small fans, motors and coils (air heat exchangers). When chilled water or hot water flows through the coil tube, it exchanges heat with the air outside the tube, so that the air is cooled, dehumidified or heated to adjust the indoor air parameters. It is a commonly used terminal device for cooling and heating.


    1. The fan coil unit must create an indoor air environment suitable for human comfort. Since the indoor air environment plays a very important role in the comfort of the human body, creating the indoor air environment required by the human comfort has become the primary task of air conditioning. If the indoor air temperature is required to be 24 Ni 11Y, and the relative humidity is 55% 15%, then the air conditioner must not only maintain a temperature base of 24 Yao and a humidity base of 55%, but also a fan coil unit to ensure the temperature accuracy of 11Y and *5 % Humidity accuracy (that is, allowable temperature and humidity fluctuation range) and higher freshness and cleanliness.

    2. The fan coil must meet the indoor air environment required by the process production. Certain production processes have extremely high requirements for temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity conditions not only directly affect the normal production process. It also affects the output and quality of the product. Such as textile production, precision instrument production and pharmaceutical production technology, etc.

    3. Eliminate indoor harmful gases and concentrated heat and humidity. Carbon dioxide in a comfortable air-conditioned room and bad smell in the bathroom. The toxic, odorous and other harmful gases generated in the production workshop of process air conditioners, as well as local parts that emit a large amount of heat and humidity, all fan coils need to be eliminated by channel air conditioning and exhaust facilities, so as to obtain a good indoor air environment.

    General technical requirements for installation:

    1. Before installation of the fan coil unit, the appearance inspection, three-speed operation and hydraulic test of the unit should be carried out.

    2. The hose connection should be adopted when connecting the pipe and the fan coil.

    3. The water supply and return valves and filters of the fan coil should be installed close to the coil, and all above the condensate pan.

    4. When the fan coil is hoisted, the hoisting should be firm and in the correct position, with a slope of 0.003 towards the outlet of the condensate pan, and the joint between the suspender and the coil should be fastened with double nuts. The concealed coil ceiling should have movable inspection doors to facilitate the unit and maintenance.

    5. Special tools should be used to connect the fan coil and the water supply and return pipes to prevent the coil interface. The connection between the condensate pan and the condensate pipe should use a 200mm long plastic hose and clamp it with a special pipe clamp.

    6. The fan coil should be connected to it after the pipeline is flushed to prevent the coil from clogging; if a filter is installed, it should be removed and washed after the system is commissioned and operated before delivery.

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