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Refuse to Radiation, Become a Healthy Beauty in the Electronic

  •   Do you live in an environment with high concentrations of radiation? As a victim of modern society, our work, study, and life have always been inseparable from necessities such as mobile phones and computers. But what about modern diseases such as insomnia, insomnia, memory loss, physical weakness, and weakened immunity caused by radiation? Reject radiation and become a fashionable and healthy beauty in the electronic age.

      Use earphones: When using earphones to call on a mobile phone, the radiation received is much lower than direct calls without wearing earphones, and lower than using Bluetooth earphones, because Bluetooth earphones themselves are also radio frequency sources.

      Retinol supplementation: Visible light and other research on electromagnetic information radiation can cause skin retinol to decrease after overuse of the eye, directly affecting the skin metabolism and the skin can resist. Usually, you can take in more nutrients such as vitamin A and carotene, which are converted into retinyl esters in the body for storage, which helps us maintain the eyesight of our students and ensure our skin's metabolism and cell tissue vitality.

      Reduce brightness: When using touch screen electronic devices such as mobile phones or ipads, it is best to adjust the screen brightness to a more comfortable level, which can also effectively reduce the hazards of light pollution.

      Clean first: keep your phone or phone screen clean. If the LCD TV or computer is not frequently wiped, even if it is turned off, electromagnetic radiation will remain in the dust and continue to cause harm to skin health.

      Succulents in pots: The same is true for traditional radiation-absorbing plants such as cacti and prickly pear. Succulents also need to significantly increase the ambient air and oxygen content, and assist in radiation resistance. You can put two pots of cute succulents next to your computer, which can not only purify the air in the city, but also keep yourself in a happy mood.

      Regular work and rest: Light pollution and radiation will directly affect people's sleep quality, which in turn affects skin metabolism and the ability to resist the internal and external environmental pressures of the body. Maintaining good work and rest habits and not using electronic products 1 hour before going to bed can help the skin repair itself and detoxify at night and reduce radiation damage.

      Be careful with office equipment: ol often comes into contact with printers and copiers. The solution is to stay away from the documents that need to be printed. After the computer operation, keep a certain distance. After printing, come back and fetch the copy.

      Microwave radiation: Studies have shown that the microwave oven has the greatest radiation when it is working, so try to stay away and keep the distance as far as possible after starting the microwave oven to achieve protection. If you need to use a microwave oven to heat food frequently, you can wear radiation protection clothing.

      Do more massages: When the skin accumulates too much of these toxins due to radiation pollution, the muscles will become tight and lack of elasticity. The tight muscles are not easy to transport oxygen, and they will become rough, dull and tired. Many companies conduct analytical facial and body massage, and can choose to follow the lymphatic path for research massage, which can help us expel the toxins produced by the body and restore the skin's vitality.

      Alkaline excretion: Acidic foods such as meat, sugar, flour, etc. can cause the body's metabolism to be slow and unable to smoothly detoxify. Fruits, vegetables, green tea, and alkaline foods can speed up the elimination of garbage in the body and help to purify the body and skin cells. Therefore, eating more alkaline foods can effectively reduce the long-term retention of radiation toxins in the body and bring to the body. Harm!