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Rsvsr Madden Coins Making Methods — How to Get More MUT Coins

  • If you are a great fan of Madden Ultimate Team game, you’ll know that Madden 22 Coins are the main currency in Madden NFL. It's impossible to do anything in the MUT if you don’t have Coins to get better players or open best MUT packs. And your team grows its OVR much slower than someone who banks up Coins. Here Aoeah.com will introduce a Madden Coins making guide, detailing how to earn MUT Coins quickly and easily & how to make the most of your MUT Coins and get your team up in Madden Ultimate Team.


    No way are you supposed to go and waste any of your money in buying packs if you want to make more money than lose it.

    Buying very addictive and you don’t stop once you start it but trust me, you lose much more than you gain while buying these packs. Only if EA is doing pack promotions where you are sure to get something out of it, go for it.

    Solo Battles

    Let's start with Solo Battles as if you're doing well in these battles, and you can also get the Trophies currency. Every week, there are new AI control teams for you to fight with and receive new rewards.

    You can choose the difficulty level. The lower difficulty level will reduce the match score, so it is important to find the level. Winning every game is key, so make sure you choose the level you are confident of winning.

    Opponents refresh every few days, so don't focus on trying to win 210000 points in five games. You'll get 1000 coins to win the game, and you'll get a huge return as your results improve. If you make sure you can play the complete game every week, you should be able to enter the All-Star Award, which will provide you with 30000 coins, 30 trophies and some packs to open.

    After a few weeks of farming, you obtain a lot of Madden coins

    Solo Challenges

    Most often, a single-player Solo Challenge game rewards some coins. Looking for the best solo challenges? From my experience, I recommend Gauntlet challenges and Mut Heros solos. Meanwhile, NFL Epic and Level Challenges are also recommended.

    Whether facing solo challenges or online challenges, there are too many choices, and it is difficult to choose the ones to focus on. Madden Club Champions are great because they don't have a lot of pace or challenges, but they do pay off. The first four weeks of the challenge depend on your professional difficulty and arcade-style, and all you have to do is win a quarter of the three minutes against each team. Theme Builder: you need to unlock these challenges group by group by adding collectibles (obtained through challenges, rewards, packs) to the theme builder collection of the team, and then ask you to compete according to the regular schedule of each team. Level challenge and NFL epic challenge are also good solo challenges when you get started and move forward in the game.

    Auction house

    You can also find the option "Auction and Transaction" under "Shop" in the MUT menu. This is the auction house where you can buy, sell, and trade player cards. If you want to make money, please consider the following methods, also known as "sniping," in the community.

    Before starting the detailed introduction, here is a quick summary: you need to pay attention to those players who are selling below their value, catch them, and then immediately sell them for a higher price. Here, you should use the muthead.com page for help-more on this later.

    This is a guide to farming methods in "auctions and transactions":

    In the auction house, you can sort players according to "newest" and select "Silver" under "Quality" at the beginning. You can buy a few coins and farm coins early to buy silver players.

    If you find a player that is below the average retail price, buy it. This situation usually occurs at night or when the market is high when a new event starts.

    You can repack players into teams or exchange coins. In most cases, you can slightly increase the "Buy Now" price, so you have already earned a few coins.

    After collecting a lot of coins, you can repeat this process as you like. But what is certain is that your coin account will gradually increase, and you will soon be able to use this method with Coinsmedal or elite players. These will usually bring you more profits.

    Finally, buy some madden coins from safe store

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