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Start adding worthwhile content starting at the bottom

  • Skillcapes provide a unique incentive to get a skill to RuneScape Gold 99 because each 99 level now comes with an actual prize, even though there isn't any real value between a mid to high level and a maximum level. That means, even though the xp may be terrible the players will still work for that skill.

    Players loudly complain each when a skill gets simplified as it "cheapens" the game. Zezima left due to the fact that it was simple for him and other players. This tarnished what he'd accomplished. It would be great to discuss how to fix this without destroying the game. Does it seem like a difficult solution? I do not believe so. Here are my ideas.

    Start adding worthwhile content starting at the bottom. It is possible to add the content that is 70 to 99 up to Herblore. The severity of xp curves, for example, from 70 to 70. While skills should be more difficult to increase than 10 times, it shouldn't be as difficult.

    It wasn't an issue in the past, but it was necessary to level to a certain level. It's now a problem for many due to the amount of plenty of content available. There has to be a method that makes mid-level content worthwhile, not just a means to achieve a goal (high-level content). I'm not certain what that would mean.

    A small number of people in the community do play for the excitement of accomplishment and to 2007 RS Items grind. Most of them are aiming for 200 million skills gain nothing in the process generally through content, but still love playing. For me, Runescape is a game that has no real end game. How about killing bandos to get 200 kills in a single trip? What's the reason? This is why?