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NBA2K is now a stand-alone as entertainment

  • "NBA2K is now a stand-alone as entertainment," he says. "Once there was a time when it was a part of NBA2king the experience. If you go back to 2011 when there was a lockout [in 2011, it affected us. But , when we entered the pandemic andclearly it was not basketball that was practiced, and we came out just fine. More than just fine.

    Fans of the game will receive a test of different kinds when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game launch. 2K Sports chose to release two distinct versions of the game, in contrast to other titles. There's a risk with that considering the small amount of installs that are a part of the new launch of the system. Developers sought to showcase exclusive features in these games.

    Zelnick states, "The team wanted a brand new title designed from the ground up." "We consider it to be an absolute masterpiece. The City is an entirely new experience that takes The Park to a whole new level. ... We hope to create the ultimate simulation experience and also the best cultural basketball engagement lifestyle experience. That's what NBA2K has earned its name for."

    While Take-Two has the ability to take that approach with NBA2K but it's not going so fast with its other top-of-the-line titles. Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 will be playable via backward compatibility with both next-gen systems, and the updated version of GTA V, as well as the standalone version of GTA Online, won't be released until the second half of next year.

    This is directly due to the limited number of next-gen technology that will end up present in Buy 2K MT PS4 the homes of consumers. "I consider it to be an interplay of spending the time to make sure the title is impressive and keeping in mind what the installed base appears like," says Zelnick. "The installed base will be less as compared to the date of the 2021 calendar."