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My interest in the sport increased slowly

  • My interest in the sport increased slowly. I can remember Diana Taurasi being featured on NBA2king the cover of Sports Illustrated alongside Emeka Okafor after their UConn Huskies won the national championship in both men's and women's basketball in 2004.

    Then, I was a Sacramento Monarchs fan. I watched them play in the 2006 WNBA Finals against Detroit Shock. Since watching Parker play in the 2007 national championships won by the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, I've been interested in basketball for women. I began covering the WNBA in the year 2012.

    Swish Appeal was my first job , and I'm still able to contribute to the promotion of women's basketball through my coverage. Lisa Leslie being featured in the game on computer led to the child growing up to get more exposure.

    Sports Illustrated's decision to include the UConn both women and men on the cover of its magazine as well as ESPN's coverage for the Monarchs, Shock and Lady Vols, and my decision to attend an institution that promoted coverage of women's sports contributed to the cycle too.

    However, video games possess distinct power. If you are able to play as a character, you become a player of them when they assist your team in winning. It is clear that Parker's inclusion on MT For Sale PS4 the cover of NBA2K can inspire youngsters to become passionate basketball enthusiasts.