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This was an important move to the series

  • EuroLeague Teams: EuroLeague teams were previously in NBA2king the game. However these EuroLeague rosters were taken out of NBA 2K18. The idea didn't make sense, but playing as a European team was enjoyable because the game style was distinct.

    The EuroLeague rules differ from the NBA's. It is more difficult to defend the perimeter because the 3-point line has a shorter length. In an EuroLeague match, it is very satisfying to reach the edge. I have always loved playing as Real Madrid or CSKA Moscow in NBA 2K16. It was great enjoyment picking up a brand new roster and trying to figure out which players could score buckets.

    It's quite remarkable to consider that two of the most loved games within the history of the series were released this early in its existence. The games were a huge advancement, even though they didn't provide as many options for customization, or the same features as the later entries.

    While the first NBA 2K received positive reviews, NBA 2K1 raised the level. It was the first game to offer online multiplayer as well as improved game play. It also introduced Rucker Park, a renowned streetball court that you can make use of if you're looking for something different from traditional arenas.

    The first time this series launched in 1996, it was available only to the Dreamcast because it was developed by Sega. The situation changed when Sega released the first version of NBA 2K2, as it was made available for Buy 2K MT Xbox PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube and opened it up to a wider public. This was an important move to the series.