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Things are wild and messy in those places

  • Scaperune - For those who aren't aware, Scaperune stands for OSRS Items Runescape. Scaperune is accessible only by random events. Two random events can take you to Scaperune, and one is only available while fishing. The random events are Prison Pete, the Party Room or **** Bob's Island. Things are wild and messy in those places. Prison Pete is not the same as the Party Pete in the room for parties, and on ****'s bob island, you catch fish cooked, and have to uncook them.

    Some interesting information: Using a cooked food on the 'Uncooking pots located on the island of **** Bob (is in ScapeRune) will result in the message: "You need an Uncooking level (cooking level required for cooking food) to cook the food." If anyone is able to do so I would like to challenge them to have 28 cooked shrimps in their possession. When they get this random, they will cook them all, and get two cooking! It is amazing to think that you could fail to cook something and get an uncommon "very raw" product.

    I was talking to a friend last night who I played RS with a lot. I discovered old screenshots, levels as well as other PKing details as I cleaned his computer. So we decided to renew their memberships to play around.

    Then I saw the tabbed banks. I had 6m worth of things. This was not cash, but items, but it was still nothing in comparison to what I was able to stake back when I was in the prime of my career. The new PVP games were intriguing to me. Although I like some of the concepts, I hate others. Overall I prefer the old wilderness but I don't mind the new PVP.

    I was a little active in the world of pvp games and was able to get kills three times, but it was a short time.I quit right away after I received the mage 94. I decided to use it. I bought an ahrims robetop, mystic bottom, and began plowing through the brothers. There weren't any obvious nerfs, however I did see some interesting methods. One thing I loved about RS is how players took whatever they could to make minor updates to Buy OSRS Accounts fight minigames and PKing.