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This fort has unique characteristics

  • There are several behemoths who are a part of OSRS Items the battlefield. If you hold a particular area of the battlefield then you can tame and ride the creatures that reside there.

    If you are a mage or ranger it is beneficial because you can mix the beast's melee stats along with long distance shots. Horses can also be used at your disposal to move quicker, but I'm not stopping you. On a horse you cannot use melee.

    The Fortress: This fort has unique characteristics. It is equipped with an armor table, which we discussed previously, as well as a kitchen. It is possible to cook a variety of meals in the kitchen, according to the ingredients are available.

    The cooking abilities of your team will determine this. It is possible to cook raw sea turtles if your team has 90+ cooking. Level 5 and below indicates that there is no cabbage to prepare.

    A weapons rack is available in the Fort. These weapons are quite different. To attack the enemy fort you can use an axe or a bomb barrow and the list goes on. There are several catapults, ballistas and other equipment that could be employed to Buy RS 3 Gold attack or assist you in your defense outside the fort. It all depends on the way you use the items.