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At the Docks Go towards Feldip Hills

  • Legends Quest. Shadow of the Storm. Desert Treasure. Contact! It is recommended to OSRS Accounts have a basic understanding of demon slaying. This quest is mostly meant for Elemental Demons like the Earth Gladiator. After defeating Agrith Naar and finishing Desert Treasure, Ivan, Gladiator Master, will assist you in gaining access to the Legends Guild.

    Adventurer What do you want? In the moment, I'm working. Can you help me? Do you have the characteristics of an Fearsome Fearless Fighter. Yes, I do. You're the perfect man to do this task... talk to Varce, my partner. He is located in the City of The Gladiators. Are you there? Near Ardougne. Continue on past Yanille until you arrive at the Docks of Feldip Hills. He's waiting for a vessel to bring him back to Gladiator's City.

    At the Docks Go towards Feldip Hills. Varce is right there. Sorry Adventurer. I'm not in the mood at the moment to talk. Ivan has contacted me an email. He assured me that I was the best person to take on "The Job". You seem to be. Let me share the story with you. Oh! Storytime!

    Long Ago When our ancestors were exploring Gilenor during the past There were people who were motivated by the need to eliminate the evils lurking within Gilenor. They were referred to as Gladiators. Gladiators constructed a city on an unknown island. Gladia was the name of the city. Gladia was a fantastic gladiator, who gave me all I know and was my hero. He gave me this blade when he died. The blade was used to destroy the Demonic Gladiators.

    After being ordered to drink from the Chalice of Eternity, the Demonic Gladiators went insane. They became insane by it and lived an forever before being killed by an incredibly powerful warrior. I was afraid to leave, so I kept the incident to myself. Now, I'm in need of someone to buy OSRS Fire Cape take this sword and take them down, to save Gilenor's life. You're the only one. Your goal was to kill the most powerful monsters.