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Didn't he appear from nowhere?

  • It will inch open just. Now, use your spade to RuneScape Gold summon Zanik, and then use the potion on her. The two of you may go back to Dorgeshkan. In Oldak's area, a cutscene will occur where Zanik describes what she saw. She will be interupted with the sudden appearance of a level 34 HAM Assasin. Zanik will take him dead.

    Wait. Didn't he appear from nowhere? You're right. You do not assume HAM has replicated my balls? What? What happened while I was gone? It's a very long story, but HAM stole among Oldak's spheres from Duke Horacio's trade secretary. I gave that to him as a gift. I didn't envision this would occur. Oh my. I am able to delay the procedure while you prepare for the worst.

    At this moment, go to the lender and inventory for a fight. **** to Oldak and tell him you're ready. Sigmund and Johanus Ulsbrecht will teleport in, alongside the HAM mage and HAM ranger, and a few guards. Sigmund utilizes his 43 prayer, again, and Johanus can use range and melee, as well as prayer.

    Will appear to arrest the HAM members, so you may only need to worry about Sigmund and Johanus then. Zanik will take Sigmund, while Johanus comes at you. You may either use an Historical Mace (it will not eliminate his prayer though), full Veracs, or you might just switch fashions every now and then.

    When they're dead, the HAM members will operate. Oh well. Zanik says that because it has some energy of Dalgroth, it is near indestructable. Zanik cites that while immobilized, she learned things about Bandos, such as that Dalgroth is his supernatural power, which makes a number of OSRS Buy Gold his own ogre followers around immortal.