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A power ranking of the dazzling New Horizons 2.0 villagers

  • In honor of my island, I've givenbuy bells animal crossing new horizons the name Island, and my flag is a white square with a single green dot in the center (it's an artistic representation, so take a look at the image). But how do I go about finding the perfect villagers for my project?

    Turkey Day 2021 Changes (data-mine)Turkey Day 2021 Changes (data-mine)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MS1Ek5vmuk

    Japanese word SHINO (shino in English) is a Japanese word that literally translates as "shining."
    SASHA is a female narrator who tells the story of her life in her own words.
    It was assumed that Sasha was a jock type because of his varsity jacket, which he wore on stage. This soft boy, on the other ****, is a slacker! !  A Pocket Camp tweet about Sasha's image stated, He makes the exact same face as he does in the photograph, but that doesn't stop him from taking approximately one hundred pills per day.

    It is an abbreviation for Cephalopod, which is a type of sea creature.
    The fact that she appears to be snooty or peppy, perhaps on par with Marshal or Peanut, is completely untrue.  In the image of Ione taken from the Pocket Camp tweet, it is clear, despite her demure appearance, she will ramble on and on about constellations if you ask her about them.

    Take a look at her massive, red-and-blue-colored ears, which are designed to look like 3D glasses!  Take a look at that LAB COAT you've got going on. What about a woodland creature or a smaller villager, on the other ****? Petri has also clearly earned her snobbishness, as depicted in the Petri image from the Pocket Camp tweet, as she will spend days at a time in her laboratory, as depicted in the Petri image from the Pocket Camp tweet.

    TIANSHENG () is a Chinese given name that refers to someone who was born in the country of TIANSHENG
    Although ACNH Bells is not stated in the Tiansheng image from the Pocket Camp tweet, he claims that his shoes help him run faster, which is debatable whether this is true... or not. There are no shoes on the feet of the other villagers, and players cannot give shoes to other villagers in the expectation that they will be worn in return. Instead of the sweatband that you might expect to see at the bottom of his outfit, he appears to be wearing what appears to be a gold circlet.  As Cheap Animal Crossing Items turns out, this is consistent with the way the other New Horizons jocks are written, with their primary focus on getting swole taking precedence over all other goals and ambitions.

    Her supercool style, desire to maintain her reputation, and determination to keep up with the Joneses all scream sisterly type, according to the Quinn image from Pocket Camp's tweet: the kind of villager with the dorky aspirational qualities of an older sibling. We are all aware that Shino is the more fashionable of the new villagers, and we are all rooting for him.