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  • Although morality and liberty usually go apart sometimes they may contradict each other creating a tension. A person has to decide what is more important, and his or her actions depend on that choice. Morality gives people an idea of what is right and wrong. It creates a system of beliefs and guidelines that people follow. Due to morality, people determine their behavior and judge those who do things which contradict to their moral code.

    Liberty is a way of progress where people are allowed to do more and free themselves from certain chains which were created by stereotypes within society. People nowadays speak about more liberties being spread. On the other ****, they state that liberty sometimes has downsizing effects, because it radically changes morality and the traditional way of living.

    Nevertheless, morality itself can put chains on liberty. An example can be seen with homosexuality. There are many homosexuals nowadays who have come out of the closet. Things which were impossible a few decades ago are now absolutely normal and common. People can express their thoughts on sexuality freely without fear or pressure. Sexual freedom is one of the liberties of the modern era. On the contrary, there is a big tension between this liberty and morality. People who are Christians or belong to another religious group that does not accept homosexuals have a hard time accepting and recognizing gay people. The main problem is with same-sex marriages. Religious people think it is wrong to allow such marriages and children’s adoption by homosexuals, because these things are against their religious views. Certain beliefs contradict homoerotic relations and forbid them. Thus, it may be very difficult for religious people to find balance. They may oppose same-sex marriage legislation and consider it to be immoral.

    This way, people may contradict others and stand on the way of liberalization. They may oppose anything connected to homosexuals and may even be quite suspicious or biased toward gays. This shows a great tension between morality and liberty because morality simply cannot accept certain liberal changes which are present in modern society.

    There can also be tension between liberty and patriotism. For example, many people nowadays speak that there should be no borders and people do not have to consider themselves to be citizens of one country, but rather citizens of the entire world. Thus, many people move freely. The same is with international products. Liberalization and economic progress has led to the fact that people nowadays have many options they can choose from. They can pick any product from any country of the world and they can travel anywhere. People say it is a great liberalization, because it provides people with many opportunities. The increasing amount of immigrants also shows a wide range of opportunities. Nevertheless, many people state that it is not patriotic to buy foreign products and let foreigners live in the country taking jobs from the native citizens. The increasing amount of immigration has led to people opposing this process.

    Patriotism may also prevent people from supporting certain immigration laws. People may become very ethnocentric and suspicious towards foreign immigrants.

    Nevertheless, true patriotism should not stay on the way to liberty. For example, the equality movement of African Americans can also be regarded as an act of patriotism. People wanted more freedoms, and these freedoms were beneficial for the entire society. The same is with wars and military conflicts of the modern era. The unstable situation with Syria as well as the war in Iraq is the example when the American government decided to change these countries. Citizens supported it out of patriotism. Nevertheless, there were people who opposed it stating that it contradicts liberal values. They were right since liberalism and patriotism should go **** in ****. The desire to liberalize certain countries should not lead to wars and conflicts, and a real patriot has to understand that. Liberalism and patriotism have to advance liberal and democratic values, but it should be done peacefully and without pressure. People have to respect those who come from other countries since it is essential for liberal patriotism.

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