What to do if the skin is too dry


      Every autumn and winter, too dry skin often troubles everyone. Faced with this phenomenon, you have tried many methods in your daily life, but the expected results are still not achieved. What can be done to make the skin less dry? Don't worry, let's introduce how the skin is too dry. Thereby improving the dryness of the skin.

      1, daily life

      The indoor space environment must be improved. Humidifiers can be used to increase the relative humidity of China’s indoor air. After washing hands, it is necessary to use **** ***** for the first part of the world. For people with dry skin, it is best not to use too hot water during the bathing process, just use warm water. In addition, it is best not to use soap. Moisturizing bath lotion is most suitable for people with dry skin to start using. Friends with dry skin can use moisturizer after bathing. It is best to use some moisturizing ingredients. Body lotion. The frequency of bathing in winter is not necessary for the society to be too frequent. It is enough to wash once a week. In addition, it is also very important for a company to have good living and learning habits. It is best to keep a happy mood at all times, to have a regular life, and to avoid staying up late.

      2, exercise

      In the calendar life, exercise should be strengthened to further improve the blood circulation speed, and there are brisk walking, skipping rope, ball sports, walking, swimming, etc. The level of exercise is based on the slight sweat on the body. You can rub your hands frequently for free to further promote blood circulation.

      3, diet and nutrition

      People with dry skin should drink more water, eat more foods rich in vitamin A and B, and eat more alkaline foods, including carrots and cabbage. Friends with dry skin can eat more, as well as dairy products, soy products, fresh vegetables, Coarse grains, black sesame seeds, eggs, honey, etc. Eat more fruits such as apples, pears, grapefruit, bananas, etc. to make your skin more moisturized. In addition, be careful to drink less coffee, cola, spicy food, and do not drink alcohol.

      The above is a detailed analysis and introduction of how to deal with too dry skin. I hope that these three points can be developed to make people with dry skin can get further improvement from students. I hope they can improve the majority of friends with dry skin. However, in daily study and life, there are factors Air-conditioning, environmental pollution companies, and changes in different seasons have caused relatively large changes in working temperature and social pressure on the human body. This will easily cause skin aging and slow metabolism. These influencing factors will directly lead to the skin. The loss of moisture has caused the skin to become very rough, so dry lines and peeling will begin to appear on the skin. In addition, it will also cause many skin problems in other countries. Therefore, everyone must provide daily production. Pay attention to it in life.