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The temptation is to form one team with a certain identity

  • While VC players can have a lot of fun using auction house items and packs that they can buy however, they will not be able to get the most efficient equipment that only tokens or MyTeam (MT coins will be able to NBA 2K22 MT buy. These new currencies must be a priority over VC.

    The temptation is to form one team with a certain identity. It's fun to join a team which has constructed their whole identity based on shooting threes. This isn't so fun when your online rivals realize that something is wrong and adjust their defensive priorities. Then it becomes impossible to score.

    In order to be successful over the long term you have to Buy MT 2K22 be able and willing to adapt to any new situation. This means you'll need to be able to handle everything. Even if the OVR might not seem impressive and they're not able to pass, shoot from any angle and play defense in or out are highly valuable.