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The Browns will also be going into this game

  • Two road games have been played by the Browns this season Each game was decided by Mut 22 coins one score. This could mean that this game could also be decided on a one-score basis.

    The next feat he's be required to master is to figure out how to win games in the Pacific time zone. It's something that the Browns find themselves struggling with. They're Browns are currently 0-9 on their 10 westward trips. Their one win came in 2012 (which was 27 years ago for the Browns).

    The Browns will also be going into this game with a quarterback who's having trouble with his ability to throw with accuracy. Since completing 90.5% of his passes against the Texans in Week 2. Baker Mayfield has forgotten how to throw the ball. In the last two weeks, Mayfield has thrown 30 incompletions (34 of 64) and completed just 53.1 percent of his passes. Of those 30 misses, I'm pretty sure 29 of them were over Odell Beckham's **** in Sunday's game against Minnesota.

    You might have noticed that the Chiefs didn't even attempt a kick in buy Madden 22 coins Week 4. In actuality, it was only the fourth occasion two teams had zero punts in NFL history. The Chiefs winning over Philadelphia.