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It seems that the party requires multiple combat styles now

  • So ya! Do not mention this on RSOF. OR YOU WILL BE BANNED like I am now... I would have a.GIF that stated "Don’t attempt this on RSOF Kids!" Anyway, Jagex has moved the alch cost of nature runes down to OSRS gold the 70GP range. My screenshot from Other RS Media shows that some players got mad when they found out. Before today's update, you could make them alch at +3gp. The other runes are cheaper.

    It seems that the party requires multiple combat styles now, which can make it difficult to get teams together. (Even even though I'm spending more time trying and bring teams of dg together than I do on real world, having multiple combat styles will only make it worse). Since prayers are not being blocked, armor is almost an absolute necessity.

    They have also decreased the effectiveness and efficiency of prayers in PvM. I'd be fine with the ability to pvp. But, if prayers to protect aren't completely efficient, bosses will be more difficult (and dungeoneering is a good example). Prayer-boosting gear is now taken away. This makes turmoil and soul split more expensive to utilize and also slows down slayer if you don't use them.

    Thirdly, the decision they made regarding the weapon/armour system is not something I like. Shields are unable to use offensive statistics and I have no idea what the defender's process is right now. All offensive statistics are gone in boots and gloves. The offensive boosts are in the form of relative boosts instead of absolute (i.e. +2% is now relative to +8 while critical hit chance remains the only offensive option. This is a serious problem for weaker weapons like rapier, for example, as they are much faster. Rapier, in particular, is now reduced in buy RS gold speed and is just an CLS that has stab instead of slash.