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Detailed instructions for constructing your hospital in Animal



    Once you've set up your essential furniture, such as a reception desk and chairs, don't be afraid to go a little overboard when it comes to theming your waiting area.  One of the most appealing aspects of Happy Home Paradise is the degree to which everything can be customized.  If you can make your villagers feel like they are INSIDE a fish tank, why would you have fish tanks in your waiting room? Please bear with us. . . Discover the most appropriate type of wall and floor material - yes, we're going with moving fish - and then proceed to the customization section, where you'll find lighting options.  The sound effects menu allows you to not only change the lighting to blue while maintaining a high intensity, but you can also play a soothing ocean noise at the same time.  Aaah, it's so peaceful.  However, this is only the beginning.  Adding some shells for children's seating as well as a shell table for toys will allow you to keep the little ones occupied and happy at the same time.  When you are dusting, this is also an excellent opportunity to incorporate a water sparkle effect.  Insert some adult-oriented reading material, and there you haveACNH Nook Miles Ticket! A perfect interactive fish tank to keep everyone occupied while they wait for their order to be processed.

    If you're in the waiting room or the examination room, don't forget to check out your sizing selection.  You can design a small, intimate examination room or a large, busy area with plenty of beds and gurneys in this location.  The fact that there are a variety of useful tools available to makebuy NMT ACNH easier to place a large number of the same item is also important to remember.  By selecting an item and pressing ZR, you will be able to copy ACNH NMT without having to go back to the furniture menu.  It also keeps track of the customizations you've made.  The right shoulder button can be used to select all of your furniture at once, allowing you to eraseACNH 2.0 Items all at once if you're deleting things and starting over - don't forget to finish and earn the Poki from the refit first before you do this! It's a bang.

    Use partitions or curtains to separate rooms.
    A good example of this is the examination room, where partitions and curtains are particularly effective.  Especially if you've chosen a large room, you'll want to be able to provide your guests with some privacy, so you may want to consider hanging curtains next to their beds.  A ward can be created by adding partitions to the largest room size if you haven't been able to come up with the 120,000 Poki required to unlock NMT ACNH otherwise.  This will then allow you to divide the room in half, leaving plenty of space for examinations while also providing a great deal of space for hospital beds and other essential equipment.

    Once you've arranged all of the necessary furniture, your examination room, in particular, may appear particularly bare.  When you get to the furniture selection screen, you'll find a plethora of themed hospital add-ons to choose from.  You'll find gurneys, medical cabinets, and wash basins, as well as EKG machines, which will ensure that the hearts of your villagers are in the right place at all times.  Spoiler alert: they are, of course.  Once you've installed all of the necessary hospital equipment, it's time to get creative with items that will keep everyone entertained throughout their stay.  In addition to plenty of reading material, a fruit bowl or jigsaw puzzle are always welcome additions.

    Increase the number of wards in your home.
    Just a quick bonus tip: once your two rooms are finished, you can go to your reception and donate an additional 120,000 Poki to expand the hospital by adding an additional ward.  Once you've donated, Lottie will contact you to let you know that the facility will be open the following day and that the upstairs will be converted into a patient ward.  Simply create a bright and airy space for everyone to rest in, and you can always incorporate a soothing sound effect into the mix.  You'll even get an additional 25,000 Poki for participating in the expansion.  And don't forget that once you've completed your project, you can always visit your doctor for a checkup.  Simply go to the reception desk and explain your symptoms, and the doctor will schedule an appointment for you.