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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can learn how to maximize

  • Maybe even a little bit of both. There's nothing else to do in the evenings when shops close at 10, villagers are mostly absent, and daytime vendors are nowhere to be found except catch 20 pieces of the same fish, trap 20 pieces of the same bugs, and wait for the rest of the island to wake up.

    Although after-hours in New Horizons may appear to be the least interesting time of day, this does not rule out the possibility of players being productive. Apart from seasonality, Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes a number of in-game perks that are only available after dusk, such as rare insects, visitors who are available at all times, and shooting stars, among other things. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that's worth revisiting in 2021.


    Timmy and Tommy have set up a Drop-Off Box where they can forage for as much as they want and earn up to a hundred thousand dollars in one night by simply leaving items in the box. And, although most Animal Crossing players are unaware of it, the Nooks' Drop-Off Box only purchases items for 80% of their normal, daytime value, making it the least profitable option for trading in high-value fish and bugs, the majority of which are only available at night time. The Drop-Off Box isn't exactly a convenient evening amenity. Once again, we find ourselves back at the million-bell question: given that the Box can only earn a limited number of bells, what should players do in the hours leading up to 8 AM? Of course, you should take advantage of any and all late-night opportunities that come your way.

    The fauna on the islands of New Horizons is abundant at all times. And, while the majority of critters are active throughout the day, some, depending on the season, are only visible after the sun has set. In order to keep up with real-world timestamps and locations, the Critterpedia changes from month to month; for example, sometimes only one type of stag is available, while at other times there are hundreds of arapaimas to be found everywhere.

    Take extra precautions when catching tarantulas, scorpions, emperor butterflies, stags, Horned insects, and Scarab and Goliath beetles, as each of these creatures can cost thousands of dollars. An emperor butterfly costs 4000 dollars, a Goliath beetle costs 8000 dollars, and a Scarab costs ten thousand dollars. The insect catalog in the game is both extensive and rare, making it a must-have for any insect collector.

    When it comes to trading high-value insects and fish for bells, use caution. is willing to exchange marine animals for the completion of random fishing challenges. Both merchants will purchase bugs and fish with a markup, specifically for 1.5x the critters' normal, daytime value, according to the agreement. will only purchase fish after each challenge, whereas Flick will accept insects for sale on the same day they are presented. Both appear on the island at random intervals, accept commissions for critter-inspired sculptures, and are always accessible before 5 a.

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