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How to complete the SBC for the Path to Glory Update in FIFA 21

  • Path to Glory Upgrade SBC was released today by EA Sports for FIFA 21. When playing FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you can find this item in the squad-building challenge (SBC) menu.

    Players can trade a squad in exchange for receiving a Path to Glory Team 1 player. This SBC is a part of the Festival of FUTball (FOF) promotion, which grants player cards an upgrade based on how many victories their national team achieves during the Euro World Championship, Buy FIFA Coins from utplay.com.

    Approximately 213,700 FUT coins are required for this SBC on the PlayStation 4, 216,500 FUT coins are required on the Xbox One, and 259,900 FUT coins are required on the PC. Other Path to Glory SBC players, such as Diogo Jota and Florenzi, who were previously released, cost between 300,000 and 400,000 FUT coins.

    The only thing you'll need to turn in to complete this SBC is an 87-rated squad with a minimum of 60 chemistry and one Inform or TOTS card if you want to be eligible. Not a player pack, in which you have a chance of getting one of the Team 1 players, but one guaranteed Glory to Path player from the Team 1 roster is the reward. Aside from that, the card cannot be traded.

    This card will be yours if you complete the squad by June 23 and receive it. According to FUTBIN, a website that specializes in FIFA content, the following is the cheapest way to complete the Path to Glory Upgrade SBC right now:

    Manny Neuer (Bayern Munich) is a goalkeeper who has an 89-percent rating on ESPN.
    Toby Alderweireld (Tottenham) is an LB who has an 85-percent success rate.
    (Manchester City) CB, 89th-rated Sergio Agüero
    Kevin Trapp (Eintracht Frankfurt) is a cornerback with an 83-rated ranking.
    RB: Richard Ortiz (Olimpia), who is rated at 88 by Soccerway. com
    Donny van de Beek (Manchester United) is the current captain.
    (Inter Miami) CM Gonzalo Higuain (rated 83)
    In the center, there is an 83-rated player (Blaise Matuidi of Inter Miami).
    winger (Tottenham Hotspur) Steven Bergwijn (83 points)
    A-rated right back (Los Angeles FC) is Carlos Vela.
    Los Angeles FC's Diego Rossi is rated as the best striker in the world at 92 points percent.