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Acrylic wall panels allow you to be bold and make a statement

  • We've discovered a solution that is both more cost-effective and quicker to install than traditional tiles for new shower enclosure installations.

    Tile installation can be a messy business, what with all of the adhesives and grout to deal with, not to mention all of the fiddly cutting to size with special tools that must be done. It is possible that the final product will be disappointing.

    We recently launched a fantastic range of innovative new Zenolite acrylic wall panels on VictoriaPlum. com, which are an excellent alternative to tiles for bathroom projects of all sizes.

    What are acrylic wall panels, and how do they work?

    Our bathroom wall panels, which are made of 4mm multi-layered acrylic, provide watertight protection for the walls of your bathroom. The tiles are ideal for use in splash zones, such as shower areas, above your bath, or around your sink. They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2070mm x 1000mm to 2440mm x 1220mm, to meet your specific requirements.

    To match and complement your existing decor, they are available in nine different colors. These colors include ice white, fire red, water blue, and earth green, to name a few.

    Simply cut and shape the material to the desired size before applying it to your walls with our specialized fixing kit.

    You will have the appearance of coloured glass with this pale blue air coloured acrylic wall panel, but none of the hassle.

    The advantages of using acrylic wall panels

    Our acrylic wall panels, like bathroom tiles, provide a watertight seal for your walls. However, because there are no joints to seal, other than around the edges, there is virtually no opportunity for mould to grow on your walls.

    Simply put, the non-stick surface repels soap and calcium deposits, making cleanup a breeze.

    Cutting, shaping, and installing them is quick and simple, which means no messing around with messy grouting. The result is a professional finish in a fraction of the time

    They are safe and simple to use in your bathroom because they have 20 times the impact strength of glass while weighing only a quarter of the weight.

    It is permanently fused to a clear layer, resulting in an extremely bold and vibrant finish that will last for an extremely long time.

    An integrated design and professional finish are achieved through the use of color-matched end caps and joints, as well as an specialized fixing kit.

    There is a wide range of bold, vibrant colors to choose from to match your color scheme, giving your bathroom a clean and contemporary appearance.

    Have you been captivated by the beauty of acrylic wall panels?

    Why not take a look at our extensive selection of acrylic shower wall panels today and bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century?