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Characteristics and applicable areas of various ceramic tiles

  • Tile is almost every household must use building materials, in addition to decorative space, practical or the most important. According to the use of demand to choose the corresponding advantage products, can make the purchase of home decoration building materials work with half the effort, at the same time is conducive to choose the most suitable decoration materials for their own home environment. Check below tiles with listing characteristics and applications, and find out what type of tile is suitable for use as a decorative element.


    Polished tile is a kind of bright brick polished from the surface of the whole body brick body. Its outstanding advantage is that it is hard and wear-resistant. It is suitable for most indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens, such as living room floor tiles and wall decoration. On the basis of infiltration technology, polished brick can also make a variety of stone like and wood like effects.


    The texture, color, texture, feeling and visual effect of imitation marble tile can completely achieve the lifelike of natural marble. The polished surface of high-quality marble ceramic tile has the same luster as the mirror, which can clearly reflect the scenery and make the space transparent and bright. The light marble ceramic tile sets off the overall space more clean, while the dark ceramic tile sets off the three-dimensional and fashionable feeling of the space.


    Emery ceramic tile is made of ceramic tile and natural silica sand. It is the silica sand layer on the surface that makes it super absorbent and anti-skid. It is very suitable for families with elders or children. Besides living room and bedroom, kitchen, balcony and bathroom can be used. This kind of ceramic tile has less choice of design and color, and most of them are small size, and the price is slightly more expensive than ordinary ceramic tiles.


    Glazed tile is a kind of tile whose surface has been glazed by high temperature and high pressure firing treatment. The prominent advantages of glazed treatment are impermeable, dirt resistant and easy to clean. Although the wear resistance is slightly worse than polished tiles, most of the glazed tiles have very good skid resistance, rich color patterns, many specifications and large selection space. They are especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.


    Mosaic ceramic tile is a kind of brick with a special way of existence. It is generally composed of dozens of small bricks. Its rich colors and special small specifications make it the most artistic building materials. Each mosaic will produce different luster and color in the light, whether it is a combination of the same color system or a mixture of various color materials, it will make the space present a gradual multi-level decorative effect, enhance the sense of space, whether it is the kitchen and bathroom can be used in a large area.


    Texture brick can create a different visual touch for space, among which leather and cloth brick are more common. The texture of cloth pattern brick is very suitable for large area living room, which can bring the softness and delicacy of fabric to the whole space; The same material can be spread on a large area to increase the space tension and make the space appear wide, or the same color system can be spread gradually, showing a clean and simple space texture. At the same time, the texture of the surface of the leather brick can increase the ground friction, which is not only beautiful but also anti-skid.


    Antique tiles, also known as retro tiles, are essentially glazed ceramic tiles made of antique effect. The texture mostly presents the natural feeling of slate and rock (slate tiles belong to this category). The surface is divided into two types: foggy surface and smooth surface. Antique brick will inhale water vapor when it is ***, and release it when it is dry without condensing water vapor on the surface. It is not easy to slip and has high safety. In winter, it is not as cold as stone floor and has better touch.


    Quartz tile body is made of fine quartz particles or powder. Generally speaking, the lower the water absorption of ceramic tile will not absorb moisture, quartz brick in the lowest water absorption of ceramic tiles, only 1% to 3%, moisture-proof ability is the best. It should be noted that the quartz brick can be divided into many types according to the surface material. If you want to prevent moisture and prevent skid, you should choose the quartz brick with large concave and convex surface color.


    Vitrified tile is a kind of bright brick polished from the surface of the whole body brick body. Compared with polished brick, it has lower water absorption (less than 0.5%) and more expensive price, which is equivalent to strengthening polishing. Generally, the surface is very bright without polishing treatment. In the room with poor lighting, the refractive index and brightening space can be increased, but the skid resistance is not very good, so it is only recommended to make bathroom wall tile.


    Bright glazed tile is a kind of glazed tile, bright is relative to matte glazed tile, matte is light emitted to all aspects around, light is soft, not suitable for dark space. The surface of bright glazed tile has good reflective effect, highlighting the cleanliness and brightness.


    Wood grain tile is a kind of ceramic brick with natural wood lifelike texture pattern on the surface, which can be divided into original edge and hardbound edge; The latter is square brick, which is convenient for later cutting and paving. Wood grain brick can avoid the shortcomings of discoloration and non wear resistance of wood floor. It has long service life and high wear resistance. It does not need periodic waxing maintenance like wood products. It can be used in outdoor space such as balcony.