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Fundamental principles of fault handling for minicomputers in Y

  • With the advancement of science and technology, we have entered an era of large-scale land reclamation, which has resulted in the widespread use of small agricultural machinery for agricultural production. To loosen the soil, orchard farmers use a variety of small and medium-sized machinery. They primarily rely on agriculture, regardless of the tools they employ. It is simple for all of us to be the cause of various failures. Don't get too worked up if the minicomputer fails. First, identify the problem as a result of the failure, then diagnose it and finally repair it. The following four principles must be followed throughout the entire process in order to be successful:

    The simplicity principle is a guiding principle in design.

    It is preferable to start with the faults that are simple and easy to handle and work your way up to the faults that are more difficult to handle. Modern pumps are almost entirely comprised of a machine-electric-hydraulic system with a high level of technical content. We generally start with the electrical system and work our way down the line to the hydraulic system, and finally the mechanical transmission system. The auxiliary oil circuit, control oil circuit, main oil circuit, and key components should all be checked in sequence to ensure that the hydraulic system is in proper working order. If you dismantle and dismantle as soon as you encounter a problem, you will only widen the scope of the problem and cause new failures, rather than preventing them.

    In today's agricultural machinery, the small machine has risen to the top of the rankings. It can be used for the majority of the tasks associated with agricultural production. Because of the use of apples, the problem that needed to be solved has been resolved. When you encounter difficulties, you must deal with them properly. Prevent damage to the minicomputer by figuring out how to solve the problem.

    Yantai Jiangtu Mechanical Equipment Company's small minicomputer has a wide range of applications, a high price, low fuel consumption, and is easy to operate, and it can be used in contact very quickly, among other characteristics. Land reclamation machinery and equipment, as well as fruit tree species, are the first choices for reclaiming unused farmland and land.