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RUSAL's Aluminum-Scandium Alloy is a high-performance alloy wit

  • The inclusion of an aluminized aluminum-scandium alloy developed by RUSAL, a leading global aluminum producer, in the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) has been approved, the company announced today. The new alloy has the advantages of being lighter in weight and having a lower environmental impact than previous alloys.

    Russian Classification Society Rules for Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships as well as its Rules for Technical Supervision during Shipbuilding and the Manufacturing of Materials and Products for Ships have all been revised to reflect these changes. According to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, the Russian Classification Society (Russian Classification Society) is an organization that is a subsidiary of that organization. Moreover, in addition to the requirements for welded joints, RUSAL's aluminum-scandium alloy 1581 (AlMg-Sс), which was developed for aerospace applications, is now included in the relevant sections of the rules.

    Because of the properties of semi-finished products made from the new alloy, ship parts can be lighter and fuel consumption can be reduced, resulting in a reduction of the new alloy's environmental impact to the absolute bare minimum. The addition of RUSAL's new alloy to the Maritime Register will allow engineers to use semi-finished products during the design phase, allowing for more efficient use of resources. Viktor Mann, using cold chamber die casting to improve quality the **** of the Russian shipbuilding industry, stated that this is essential for a dynamic and developing industry such as shipbuilding in Russia and around the world to continue to grow.



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