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According to Blizzard more than 7 billion hours have been logge

  • A whopping total of $7,395,027,817 dollars was raised.  New statistics released by Blizzard on the Diablo Twitter feed reveal that players have spent a total of 5 hours playing Diablo 2: Resurrection and Diablo 3 together.  The total of 7,395,027,817 hours has been calculated correctly.  A pathetic attempt at representation would be made in this manner.  Since the beginning of time, a total of 7,395,027,817 and a half hours have elapsed since the beginning.  For those of you who aren't big fans of long division, there have been 844,181 years spent playing just those two games combined, which is a total of 844,181 years.

    The only thing we can do is make educated guesses about how many hours and years that translates into for the average player.  Based on the fact that Diablo 3 sold more than 30 million copies worldwide in 2015, as well as the fact that Diablo 2: Resurrection has also performed exceptionally well, we estimate that the average Diablo player has spent approximately 200 hours playing the game, according to our calculations.  We can almost believe it when it comes to the notoriously addictive Diablo franchise, despite the fact that it sounds like a lot for most games.  The Diablo franchise has earned a reputation for being extremely difficult to put down once you start playing them.

    As of September, 2,167,586,684 games have been created in Diablo 2 Resurrected Items: Resurrection alone, according to Blizzard, which released the game in September.  Even though Diablo has been in existence for 844,181 years, all of these impressive statistics have been revealed as part of the 25 Years of Diablo celebration.


    Aside from that, I've been playing D2R ladder items for sale: Resurrection for the past few days, which adds to my previous experience with the Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items: Resurrection alpha test.  To put it mildly, playing the remastered version of the game now brings about. . . mixed emotions, given that I spent hundreds of thousands of hours with the game during my childhood and adolescence.

    With this title, Blizzard and Vicarious Visions have created something truly remarkable in terms of visuals and storytelling.  Each and every aspect of the game, from the world to the gear and character models, has a high level of visual fidelity, which is everything you could hope for out of an extensive remastering project like this.

    When it comes to gameplay, Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 resurrected items have a plethora of differences, which makes switching between the two titles the most difficult part of the transitioning process.  As a radical departure from its predecessor, Diablo 3 was initially panned, but over time, it has matured into an excellent game that outperforms it in nearly every aspect of gameplay, including combat.  For the time being, the prospect of going back in time and undoing many of those accomplishments does not appear to be particularly appealing.