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How to write a research paper?

  • College or university students are frequently given a research paper writing in their assignments. 


    If you intend to write a research paper, take guidance from paper writing History case study examples service experts or read this blog to have a comprehensive idea about the coursework.


    The steps are as follows:


    1. Choose the topic

    Pick a topic of your interest that will make your task exciting and will bring out the core creativity from within you. Or, even if you are given a specific topic, find an approach that suits your interest. Your topic should be something which you can find enough information to showcase. Dissertation Methodology Help Then, present your topic as a question to be answered.


    1. Do Research

    The next step is researching. Research rigorously to gather some relevant information that can make your paper unique from the others. Go through the library catalogue, periodical indexes, bibliographies, journals, electronic databases etc. First, you can start with reading an encyclopedia to gather basic information and then go into detailed Research. Make a list of all the sources that you think are relevant or you are going to use in your paper. It will help you later by the time of the citation. Company law case study help You can use the index card method to make your task more flexible and articulate in tracking sources. 


    1. Organize information

    Based on your research topic and existing information, create a mind map or outline a structure. You can follow these steps to assignment help Sydney  make your task more organized: 

    • Keep a system for noting sources on bibliography cards
    • Follow a system for organizing material according to its relative importance
    • Execute a strategy for taking notes

    The purpose is to group ideas logically. 


    1. Form the thesis statement

    The next step is to form a well-defined, focused thesis statement. Take your time to craft the ‘perfect’ thesis statement because it will regulate the direction and development of your entire paper later on. You can ask questions like ‘what is the significance of the topic?’, ‘which underlying theme is relevant to this topic?’, ‘what is the purpose of my thesis statement?’ Considering these questions, craft your thesis statement. It should leave enough scope for further discussion throughout the paper. Mention the key points of your report in the thesis statement. 


    1. Start writing

    Now comes the writing part. Start with the introduction. Here, you need to present relevant background material. Use supporting detail to logically and systematically validate your thesis statement. Try to create a hook to make your introduction more engaging. 


    Following comes the body. The outline you created earlier, use that as your guide. Next, write the body of the essay based on the key points you have made. Then, integrate the sources into your discussion. Now, include points, counterpoints, and try to analyze, explain and evaluate them to understand better. 


    Last comes the conclusion. Summarize the argument for your readers. Use this portion to explain the significance of your findings. Finally, try to sum up the conclusion as a considerate answer to your thesis statement.  


    1. Proofread Revise 

    It is the last stage of your coursework. First, edit, proofread and revise to make sure that your paper has no errors. Then, cite the sources as per your university guidelines to compose 100% plagiarism-free content.  


    Professional Essay writer services follow the above mentioned steps. Therefore, you can comply with these steps to compose a well-structured research paper.