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Key Points of Designing Motor Shaft

  • Small motor shafts generally have the characteristics of high speed, frequent starting, and easy heating during work. The reasonable selection of materials and heat treatment for their working conditions is an important task for every designer. Make the best use of materials and Appropriate heat treatment methods can often achieve high quality and low price, with twice the result with half the effort.

    The shaft generally needs to be resistant to vibration and shock. Therefore, quenching and tempering, or carburizing and quenching methods are generally used. Increase the hardness of the shaft surface, improve wear resistance, maintain toughness at the core of the shaft, and improve impact resistance.

    What are the reasons for the large axial vibration of the motor?

    1. Electromagnetic aspects. 2. Mechanical aspects. 3. In terms of electromechanical mixing.
    2. Electromagnetic
    3. Power supply: three-phase voltage.
    4. Stator aspect: the iron core becomes elliptical, the winding is broken, eccentric, loose, ground short-circuit, inter-turn short-circuit, wiring error, three-phase current imbalance.
    5. Rotor failure: the iron core becomes elliptical, eccentric, loose, the rotor short-circuit ring and cage bar are welded or broken, the three-phase winding of the wound rotor is unbalanced, the winding is broken, ground breakdown, inter-turn breakdown, and wiring Wrong, poor contact of the brush.
    6. Mechanical aspects
    7. The motor itself: unbalanced rotor, bent shaft, deformed slip ring, uneven stator and rotor air gap, inconsistent magnetic center, bearing failure: poor foundation installation, insufficient mechanical strength, resonance, loose anchor screws, motor fan damage, When the bearing is running close to its service life, the vibration of the motor will gradually increase, and there will be noise in the bearing operation, and the phenomenon of shaft grinding and cover sweeping may occur.
    8. Coupling coordination: Coupling coordination: the coupling is damaged, the connection is poor, and the unbalanced system resonance of the central load-bearing machinery cannot be found.

    Three, electromechanical mixing

    1. Motor vibration is often due to uneven air gaps. It causes unilateral electromagnetic pulling force, and the pulling force further increases the air gap. Electromechanical mixing is manifested as electromechanical vibration.
    2. The motor axially moves in series. Due to the electromagnetic tensile force generated by the rotor's own gravity, installation level, magnetic center, etc., the motor shaft slides and the motor's vibration becomes larger. In severe cases, the metal wears out and the temperature of the metal rises rapidly. Investigate the cause of the vibration.

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