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  • After completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest that OSRS Buy Gold requires 30+ Cooking levels, players can prepare Karambwan. This is a specific kind of food that is eaten more slowly, which is why it's great to use for PVP since you can have both of these meals and normal food at the same time.

    At level 90 , you can fish by using raw Karambwan in flames and pressing two on your keyboard at the same time the food can be cooked with no an interval of ticks. This makes Karambwan the fastest cooking element in games. While extremely click-intensive this method is able to give you stunning cooking experiences of about 90k/hour and at the same time generating more than 200k in profit.

    If you are only required to do 30 cooking sessions, keep the fact that it's not worth the effort before the 90th as you'll be able to see a large portion of your ingredients burned. It could be the best but also the most time-consuming Cooking course you can do. If you are looking also for other income sources, you should consider researching the methods for making raw wild pie as well as raw summer pie.


    I am glad to see you've read this OSRS RUNECRAFTING GUIDE. Runecrafting is an free-to-play (free in game) capability in RuneScape that lets players create runes of various types that later are used to cast spells. It's one of the skills that is most disliked by the community as it revolves mostly around running from Runecrafting altars to the bank and from there to the bank and vice versa.

    In order to make runes, players need to find or purchase essence stones , which can then be blessed at specific altars for elemental energy to bless them with the power of. Because this is a skill that lets you do anything from nothing, you can get a good amount of money from your Runecrafting adventures with higher levels. In this 199 OSRS Runecrafting guide you will discover all you need to Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold know about Runecrafting as well as best ways to get to levels 99.