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PJers consider mages to be free loot

  • K.O. It was a pure amge. after a few minutes of fighting my opponent began to OSRS Gold attack him with a slash and he's got low HP. How do I stop him? The double stack combo can only be efficient at an extended distance. There is no method to kill him, without using hybrid gear. Hybridizing poses a different issue. The hybrid gear I wear can reduce my magic attack and I'll not be able to bring him to a lower level to his level of health.

    PJers consider mages to be free loot. They are aware that there's no way to stop them, or even KO them when they come at you. The likelihood of them not achieving their goal is extremely small.

    The thread was initially started in the Runescape forums. It's still up. ;) Hello, Have ever thought about the education of the Scaperune's staff? Do they differ in their abilities? You have the option! Note down the ways in which each of the Scaperune residents could improve their talents. The story should be as funny as is possible, yet not too bizarre.

    Scaperune, for those who aren't aware is the opposite of Runescape. Scaperune is only accessible through random events. Two random events can bring you to Scaperune and one of them is only accessible during fishing. They are Prison Pete, **** Bob's Island and Cheap RS3 Gold the Party Room. There are numerous strange and chaotic things to see within these locations. Prison Pete is the reverse of the Party Pete within the party zone. On Bob Island, the island of **** the fish are cooked, and they must not be cooked.