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Look for the symbol of the northern sickle at the wall

  • It's fantastic. Once I've finished analysing this post, I'll get my previous post back within a matter of hours. I will take it back down. We can take a look after you've finished your orders. You can go down to the Southwest corner, and OSRS Gold then open the chest. A Level 135 Vyrewatch will attack you. To retrieve his corpse as well as a key kill him. To obtain an Ivandis Flail you must use the key in the chest. Return to Veliaf and inform him that the threat has been avoided. Speak to Safalaan in Meiyerditch and tell him the events that transpired. At this point, Safalaan will suggest an excursion into Castle Drakan using the maps you made in Darkness of Hallowvale.

    Look for the symbol of the northern sickle at the wall. This is the place where you sketched the Darkness of Hallowvale's castle. You will find some steps. Take them down, then go to the south. Castle Drakan will be reached via climbing the wall that is nearby. Go through an intricate maze. When you reach the end, you will find a room with a coffin. It will stop you if you try to open it.

    Vanstrom, Ah Vanstrom! (Your name), I noticed that it disappeared. I was sure that you were the one responsible. It was only a matter if you could get inside the castle. Safalaan Hallow was so sweet and he might help her become more cooperative.

    Vanstrom is at level 199. He is a melee player. He may employ an attack with a range, like Dessous' from Desert Treasure, at times during combat. Naturally it is only the Ivandis Flail will hurt him. Tarn's Lair should be completed in order to obtain a Salve Amulet. Vantrom will not die.

    Fool! I am Drakan's lord, and Cheap RS Gold you can not harm me. Safalaan is now able to heal you both. He even offers prayer. While he will suggest you leave, he suggests that you first examine the coffin. Open the coffin and speak to the vampyre girl inside. What are you? This is all I wanted to ask.