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Mining is a skill that many individuals do not really listen to

  • Within the cooking guild on the first floor there is a pie table rather than making it only a dish table it should be mixed with many random cooking items with two vendors. The first seller would function as OSRS Gold pie vendor for associates and the next vendor would sell components in addition to pots, pans, as well as any other items useful for cooking in both free members and players." Milk, flour, meat, and eggs are not included in the marketplace because they are sometimes obtained beyond the market."

    More info regarding the milk, eggs, and meat are under. "Door resulting in the fields". Within the guild there's a doorway that leads to the wheat area just outside the guild. The Wheat field is right out and as you move around the guild there is a dairy product, and a chicken coop fenced around the guild so only guild members can access the wheat, milk, and cows. With easy access to these requirements, guild members may obtain milk, wheat, chicken, and eggs for cooking.

    Mining is a skill that many individuals do not really listen to. Perhaps it's because it takes to long to train. Or maybe you need to jump 15 levels just to be able to mine a fresh ore. JaGeX created a Smithing mini-game, so they should at least make a Mining mini-game. It would make the Mining ability only a little bit more fun. Here are my ideas. It needs to be located in a renowned mine. The free-players need pleasure, too!

    There are three groups: the Red team, the Purple team, and the Light Green team. If you're on the Red group, you each get a Red pickaxe for emblem which you're about the Red team. The length of a match is all about 7-12 minutes.

    Both teams are in a single triangular area with Buy RS3 Gold many obstacles. Red stones, Purple stones, and Light Green stones are located everywhere in the area. There's a giant pickaxe at each group's corner which represents the group's colour. The handles of the giant pickaxes goes out to the center of the arena where the pickheads are. A gigantic rock with crimson, purple, and pale green stripes is located at the middle of the arena.