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It's possible to use the feathers from the begining to make Arm


    It's possible to use the feathers from OSRS Gold the begining to make Armadyl Gloves, which give such stats and rely as Armadyl armor in the God Wars Dungeon. Also, in Meiyerditchthere are a couple of vyreguards and vyre lords. You need Eucalyptis or better pyre logs to burn vyreguards, and magic pyre logs to burn vyrelords. They provide better rewards than vyrewatches.

    The races Glienor are an odd sort of folk, luckily they fall into 2 main categorys for our plucky adventurers, the good adn the bad.

    Reldo will tell you of a massive build up of iceburgs floating round the high seas and hes worried about why this is occurring. He will tell you to go and speak to Murphy to see what he has observed from the sea along with the Gnome King to find out what he's seen from the sky.

    He'll tell you he has had reports of his gliders being shot down out of the sky by snowballs all around the seas, where they're attempting to set up a new base. Following being persuased to help you are flown directly into mysterious iceberg by a gnome pilot. You will land and see some \"odd footprints\" throughout the iceburg, which also includes alot of snow sprinkled it over, try to shift the snow but it will be too heavy. Fly back to the King and say he was just being paranoid...

    Request murphy about sightings of iceburgs and he'll tell you he hasn\'t noticed any BUT he has seen huge squadrons of odd gliders on the horizon, close to Atoll. Ask him whether he can take you there and Buy OSRS Accounts he will tell you about a special boat needed.