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  • What a thrill! You found someone you want to wake up with by your side every morning and who you are willing to let lie on your beloved sofa, or put your feet on the coffee table that your grandparents inherited you.

    But what if you both have very specific tastes in decorating and design? Don't worry: it is possible to combine both styles and create a harmonious home that represents you, not only you as individuals, but your new stage of life as a couple.

    Read on to discover some secrets to decorate the house when you decide to move in as a couple.

    Photography Credit by Yabeshphotography

    # 1 Keep your balance

    Whether trying to balance rustic and contemporary, or masculine and feminine, make sure the new space conveys a proportionate mix of your individual tastes and styles.

    You both want to feel comfortable in the new space, but if the decor leans too far in one of the two directions, consider together what you can add or remove to get back to center.


    # 2 Don't be afraid to mix styles

    Design a dynamic space, making sure you incorporate different styles, hard and soft, wood and metal, and a variety of textiles. A vibrant mix of various materials will actually help bring your individual contributions to the home design together, creating an overall sense of variety and visual interest.


    # 3 Combine different color schemes

    If your previous home was dominated by red and your partner's was all blue, look for decorative accents in patterns and colors that complement both schemes. This will allow them to harmoniously match their differences in taste in terms of colors, making them look pleasant and not disjointed.